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The problems that we face as a as a country um and on the one side um the sort of more stereotypical point of view are on the conservative side is um schwantz use the federal government for our national security which too many people means only um what the military can secure for us um so some level of physical safety that comes from having a big the biggest and strongest military in the world which the united states indisputably does then there's the view that the federal government should really be um supporting our safety and so many other ways and and making sort of a kind of life that we want to have in this country and the kind of society that we want to have possible by investing in all sorts of things from physical infrastructure like roads and buildings and the internet um to the infrastructure that we don't often think of it name destruct infrastructure like um communities education health care jobs housing and all the things that actually make communities ron um so that's the sort of heart of the debate and um what has happened is uh the way that the federal budget legislation works is that uh the very first step in the budget process is that congress sets aside a pot of money for the pentagon and military which includes nuclear weapon and then they set aside a separate pot of money for everything else that's covered in the discretionary budget and what that means is as the budget that congress decides each year and so there are a few big federal programs that aren't a part of this like medicare medicaid and social security but everything off the federal government does it in this mix and what it really comes down to is how much of each do we want and.

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