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Time for colin times and topics. Follow the show on twitter at dr drew. Podcast that's dr dra. W podcast for music. Through today's episode can be found on the swing. Sounds of the dr drew. Podcast now available on i tunes and while you're there don't forget to rate the show. Dr drew podcast is a corolla digital production has produced by chris locks on and gary smith for more information go to dr drew dot com all conversation and information exchange during the participation in the doctor. Podcast is intended for educational entertainment purposes. Only do not confuse this with treatment or medical advice or direction. Nothing on these. Podcasts supplement or supersede relationship and direction of your medical hair tapers. Although dr drew is a licensed physician with specialty board certification by the american board of internal medicine in the american board of addiction medicine. He's not functioning as a physician in this environment. The same apply any professionals who may appear on the podcast or dr drew dot com look. Staying healthy isn't easy watching your diet hitting the gym avoiding stress. But a good night's rest helps boost your overall health and wellness and it couldn't be easier. The new sleep number three sixty more is the only man. That effortlessly adjusts in response to both the result. You wake up ready for anything. Proven quality sleep is life changing sleep. Don't miss our weekend special. Save a thousand dollars on most popular smart bet and adjustable base plus special financing ends monday special financing subject to credit approval minimum monthly payments quiet. See store for details rather thirty day. Free trial of live by live plus and you'll get unlimited skips commercial free music and all of the podcasts live streaming events you can handle visit live x live dot com slash. Podcast one to learn more and start your free trial..

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