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Affiliation the gun laws in looking to talk about a city I'm not gonna say it yet there's a city out there were on the books in this isn't just a town of a thousand people on the books this thirty thousand thirty three thousand folks folks in this town are required by law to own a firearm in maintain owned and maintained guess with the murder rate is JC one murder in the last six years ago yeah I think was as if it's since it put it in it's been thirty eight years as a installed the cyclists eighty one when they made this requirement so it's definitely definitely worthwhile to talk about that next week DC we have a minute you want to real quick for those revolver fans out there Ruger has a a super GP one hundred well it's really cool because it's a nine millimeter and it's an eight shot and got a six inch but also they reduce the soldier moved the barrel back a little bit sort of look any longer than their normal five inch but it just looks pretty cool it shuts a nine millimeter in a revolver looks very cool eighty I American tactical they have a clear receiver for now for their a ours and they combined of metal of of of of parts in our middle parts melon fusion I should say as well as of fiberglass and they have kind of a suite with a cost smoky red Smokey blue or smoky gray but you can see right through it's very eye catching they say it's durable I mean there to stand by it and it looks really really pretty cool we talked about the cal tech has a intricately suppressed which not much for acceptance generally suppressed sig is now has there our X. P. three twenty series where they all come with a Romeo optics was already to go right off the bat and that's and full size compact and subcompact these are just some of the new things around so I have a couple to catch his next week all right follow up on thank you thank you in the last hour with this thanks so much to Hickok forty five it's good to hear thanks a lot the flight everything on face yeah you're right on the right on the head there yeah on the head there yet thanks everyone checking in stop by and see it for nine nine nine to Bethel road a hundred new use guns came in come check it out still a bunch of sales going on I have a good week and we'll catch up same time.

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