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Two countries had met four times so far this year he said the talks on what he called irritant said plagued their relationship such as border controls tax arrangements and the status of dribbles airport had been constructive we are definitely determined to defend our position so i don't exclude anything but we are definitely working towards having a an agreement before tober even if possible by by the summer and we hope from the british side also a position which works towards that end sixty church of england bishops along with other religious leaders and charities are urging the government to end its to child limit for parents claiming tax credits the cap was imposed a year ago in an attempt to encourage parents to consider the affordability of larger families minister say people on benefits should have to make the same choices as those who work about nine million people will pay more towards their pensions from today the minimum contribution rate for workers is going up from one to three percent of their income their employers will have to pay at least two percent instead of one the government says the increases will boost retirement income sparta's our personal finance correspondent simon gone puts reports that are concerns about a squeeze on take home pay employers now blige to enroll stop automatically in a workplace pension scheme nine million have been signed up so far but it's at a cost which is being gradually ratcheted up from this month people on national living wage will find they have fourteen pounds more a month taken out for the pension while someone on average fulltime earnings of nearly twenty nine thousand pounds will have an extra thirty pounds a month removed workers can opt out if they want to but that means missing out on the employer's contribution and the future retirement income they'll be helped for some if they get a pay rise timed for the start of the tax year and there's an increase in the personal allowance the amount you can earn before taxes applied which will also soften the blow eric bristow the dance player who helped the game win a mass audience and create prison structure has died at the age of sixty he had a heart attack in liverpool where the crowd is a.

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