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Yeah and they of me tv show he was it tablets said takes over from the beginning of that like we wanna do something with you and you can add velde the together actually i have to say bravo a really great because it was just an idea like we would like you we're interested in you if you're interested in doing a tv show and his who would let you to speak to and i was very specific i idea one of you all loans and i didn't want it wasn't about my house i didn't want you in my home i didn't want you up my ass at my business i didn't want my staff bothered added more my clients while that it was just that's not me and that wouldn't have worked for me um but i knew i wanted to do something within the business hair realm and then through speaking we we developed all of us actually just talking about what i loved what i was into a what i thought developed tab at the slum takeover and then tabitha takes over right back to sheer genius it's kind of like a clay achon rubens stuttered situation where like the runnerup or i know you human sixthly lire fan favorite and like was i six i think we were wounded as i watch for sure but i can't remember you could totally be right i thought i was there a little longer than that but he knows who remembers i was a double live in a yeah i think it was one of those things that it was like multiple people.

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