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B, even like maybe he's more like a Dion brancher or a Troy Brown type, right? Bigger than those guys, I think, a little bit in terms of height. But those are the things that I think are interesting conversations to have if you're the Patriots is a down the field vertical receiver really what you want to pair with a guy like Mac Jones. So a couple of things then. It's an interesting question. It's a very good question. I think there's other opportunity. I don't think you need to use if you're talking about getting Mac as Julian Edelman. I don't think you need to use a first round pick on that guy. Right. That's fair. This class is so deep in the slot. From sky Moore to Juan Dale Robinson, Bo Melton, who is one of the few wide receivers who actually had a good way in and we'll see what he does in the four day tonight. Bo Melton stock may be about to skyrocket boat Melton might be like zoomed in stock market in February of 2020. You like that one? The other thing about it is you talk about not wanting to get Mac a vertical receiver, but then you bring up matchy or sorry Williams the way Williams won down the field. Williams, a good amount of Alabama one down the field out of the slot. And they used that vertical slot. I almost feel like going off of Alabama's offense and kind of the personnel, the Patriots have now. I almost wonder if you flipped if they could flip the traditional roles. I wonder if that's the best fit for.

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