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The. The love boat. The. For years. I never shared these recordings with anyone. But earlier this year, I decided I wanted my parents to know what those sunscreen translations had done for me. So I went to New Orleans to visit and play them the recordings. Mcguinness? That is pretty then that is particularly stopping to me. I don't know what to say. I'm and I can't imagine why you would want to practice the term issuer myself. I mean, why that tax but? I've asked myself that same question over and over again, why that text at the time people would constantly tell me to keep up the faith that honestly enraged me. During those months, I was so angry at everything the prayer represents the exultation of Lord Ganesha the ever almighty remover of obstacles who seem to me to be skipping out on the job. I felt left behind by God, and I had no interest in doing Pooja. But now, I think those late night recitations had nothing to do with religion and everything to do with my dad. I got sick. My dad was working as fiercely as always had to support us. I understood that he couldn't drop everything to be by my side. Even though he very much wanted to. I know there were so many things he wanted to say to me then and couldn't and so many things I wish I had said to him then but didn't. Turning to the text was away of opening up. A channel to my dad. It was like he was putting the sandalwood paste between my eyes again as I slept. Over time. The rhythm of the pair came back to me. And then eight months after I woke up in the hospital, without my voice, I made one final recording. Limbo? I'm doing it doing it. Show for next. The really good. Really freaking. Three four. That's right or Lena. Since scary. We I saw version of her story at a pop magazine show here in Washington DC. This bonus episode was produced by rob buyers are senior editor and good cough, and our executive producer is CARA. Tallow? Liana sim strum is our project manager visibility. Producers Abby Wendell and yo- Shaw, and Hugh -ther is our technical director and on your grandmother as vice president of programming special. Thanks to Liz Elise. Rahm teen Arab Louis and Jonathan Barlow for the music in this episode. For more information about this music. Visit our website at NPR dot org slash invisible. You don't miss the next bonus episode and all the latest invisibility news. You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter at NPR invisible. And one last thing before we go I wanted to tell you about a genuinely awesome new podcast that I've been listening to it's called believed, and it's from Michigan public radio and NPR it's about Larry Nassar. That Olympic gymnastics doctor who sexually abused patients for more than twenty years. The reporting from the host of the show Kate wells in Lindsay Smith is so much deeper than anything I have ever heard on this subject hard recommend you can find believed wherever you get your podcasts.

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