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Of vastly. That was the first shift. I thought she Lewis got a little penetration in this period. Sara Eleonora Riley. Left of Andrei vasilevskiy. Sororities thrown out. Now, the other guy moved. I I can tell you. I watched this way. I don't understand that. So JT Miller will take the dragons to Riley. Miller wins it Girardi after in the far corner gets checked by Hsien. The puck is taken by had been trying to clear its block comes back to Victor. That was a lucky deflection cranks down the ice. Is this an icing known they wave it off. So early got down there. I and he wins the puck to center it and it bounced off the stick of caloric Riley terracing of mental. Brayden Schenn across the blonde, cutting save rebound tear cycle golf that wide. Great safe. Great save big save on Chen who's been robbed a couple of times tonight and spectacular fashion by Vasyl Ascii now head the lightning far corner. Little chlorine at center ice process. Sara Lee across the blue line makes a little move to the left circle shoots. Save bennington. Rebound front, caloric tried to set a millery with a one timer. A quick count of the other way Tyler goes up. Do you want you to the lightning zone of centering feed blocked, by stamp? He fumbled a clearing attempt though. It's going to be held in Boesak left point shoot. Save as less with the glove and he holds on. We'll get a break nine twenty eight left in the third. No score. Lightning radio..

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