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The woman who earlier this month, the cost the demand foreing maga- hat at a Palo Alto. Starbucks KCBS that big the reports the woman received death threats in the wake of that confrontation. Rebecca Parker Maki was harassed online. Lost her job at a local music store and has now been reported missing the Palo Alto resident was last seen leaving Lake County. But friends report she hasn't been seen since last Friday. You may remember on April first Maki made international headlines when she berated a man in Starbucks for wearing a make-america-great-again hat, but in the days that followed Maki herself was attacked online. And according to the chronicle she and her family received death threats after their personal information was released by right wing media here at the California, do Starbucks or the controversy started patrons. We talked to were concerned about make his welfare. But some said the story was less concerning to them than other issues like climate change. On California Vanu in Palo Alto. Matt Bigler KCBS. The man safe after being rescued off of a cliff in San Francisco's Procedo fire crews responded to a call just before five o'clock yesterday afternoon for a person saying friend was sliding down a cliff where they were hiking their rescue crews at a high angle rope rescue and brought a stretcher down to the hiker the hiker was rescued without any incident. And the is now safe he suffered no injuries should the main federal civil rights law that prohibits employment. Discrimination apply to LGBT people KCBS John Bristow reports that question will be decided by the highest court in the land. The US court says it will take up the issue in its fall session which gets into way in October. The high court will hear three cases involving people who claim they were fired because of their sexual orientation decisions will likely come by June of next year. What the court is being asked to do is to shift course most courts from around the country have held that the federal law doesn't protect LGBT people, and what the court is being asked. In three cases is to reverse course, and to leave LGBT workers around the country vulnerable to employment discrimination, Courtney joslin UC Davis law, professor and nationally known scholar on gay lesbian equality. She says the cases of the working their way through the lower courts for years. It was only a matter of time before the court did step in and weigh in on this question jaws to the outcome of these cases will have a profound effect on the lives of millions of LGBT people in the US. John Bristow KCBS supported for rent control are trying to get a new statewide measure on the ballot in two thousand twenty. We get the story from Jordan with radio dot com. New station Canucks in Los Angeles. The rental affordability act has been filed to allow rent control on buildings over fifteen years old advocates with housing is a human rights say fill your at the. Ballot less November has demonstrated that Californians once rent control that rent control is a necessary component in the in our housing policy arsenal who'd be able to protect vulnerable communities in particular communities of color from displacement and skyrocketing rents the measure will also allow for other vacancy controls, and we'll exempt owners of two or fewer homes have the Jordan with KNX in Los Angeles five Richmond. Believe a fire in an abandoned house. Last night might have been started by transients the fire at the single story home on Verde avenue was first reported before eight o'clock Twenty-one firefighters from the contra Costa county and the west contra Costa fire protection districts responded, crews say several people had apparently been inside the home before the fire broke out all got out safely. The fire was out in about half an hour. The house is owned by the Richmond housing authority five say it's sustained moderate drywall damage but little if any structural damage, and no one was hurt. But. Eight people were displaced when a blaze tore through a house in San Francisco's Excelsior district last night and fire. The block of Oxford Street was reported just before nine o'clock. It was out in about twenty minutes. But officials say the home sustained enough damage that seventy one child living. They're receiving assistance from the Red Cross that caused the fire is under investigation. Moneywatch CBS news time one twenty five Wall Street is coming off an uninspiring Monday session, stocks ended narrowly mixed. This will be a big day for earnings reports from Verizon Procter and gamble. Coca Cola United Technologies jet. Blue six flags EBay snap and Twitter. Chris Maranghi of the belly funds tells Bloomberg radio corporate results have been encouraging so far we're not quite halfway through her score. Earning season earnings have been a little bit better than expected. So would say we're not gonna get that earnings recession. So many worried about Morandi says at worse, we'll see some slowdown, but not a backtracking and earnings world pool posted results after the bell, the appliance makers ongoing per share earnings top Wall Street estimates world pools numbers were boosted by price increases. The Commerce Department reports this morning on March sales of newly built homes the numbers come a day. After realtors reported sales of existing homes fell nearly five percent last month. Jeff bellinger. Bloomberg radio. CEO radio. I'm wearing Hoffman alcohol monitoring systems, aka Skram systems is the maker of ankle bracelets for monitoring hard core DUI and other high risk alcohol offenders, it was another of those basement startup entrepreneurial projects until Mike IM's who had been in software development method to founders, and he made a company out of it in part for a very personal reason might mom's or was skit road drunk for a big part of his life and through a number of events. He ended up sobering. He lived to be just short of a hundred and sober. He was this wonderful person. Drowned key was looking for a victim when I ran across these guys that were trying to figure out a different way of tracking people for extended periods of time to see if they're drinking or not I had this picture of my grandfathers said he'd been back my.

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