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Take. But a moment for the passing of George. Herbert Walker Bush to become a dumpster fire and social media it didn't take but a moments for people to just get ugly. As can be the Associated Press. By the way, leading the charge to tweets one from December four th two thousand sixteen one from. December third two thousand eighteen Semper second I should say. The one from two thousand sixteen says AP reporters, remember former Cuban leader and revolutionary icon. Fidel Castro icon. They called him. On George Bush, just the other day, George H W Bush Patricia new Englander whose presidency sword with the coalition victory over Iraq and Kuwait, but then plummeted in the throes of a weak economy that led voters to turn him out of office after a single term has died. He was ninety four. Wow. Wow. That that haven't quick. That have been quick and the by the way, actually deleted their tweet. Revis the story because the tweet and the opening of the story references nine ninety two electoral defeat in his World War Two service. They had put that out. I guess they had put out the original tweet number thirtieth or December first and took December second for them to change. It took him two days to change that tweet to realize they had gotten it wrong. Not only got wrong. They wanted to get it wrong. They wanted to do it understand that for all that an American president has passed, and there is a level of pomp and circumstance there because there are only so many American presidents. There are those who can't help but attack. That's not what you're going to see from the rest of the media apparatchik that was AP's mistake. What are you gonna see from the rest of the media apparatchik? It's just the opposite. It's just the opposite. They're going to use the death of George Herbert Walker Bush as a way to attack President Trump. How do I know this? Let me take you to Juan Williams. Over Fox, News speaking with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday about the passing of George Hw Bush. No question, Chris, we live in a polarized political h today, so divided by the way, I think Chris is sort of optimism versus pessimism morning in America. A kinder gentler America versus Merican carnage. As a message coming from the leader to the American people. So when I think of President Bush, I think of someone who crossed the aisle, you know, I was really taken by what Carl said about his best friend being a democrat and serve those two terms in congress. And of course, he followed Reagan's pronouncement eleven commandments speak, no evil of another Republican versus Donald Trump who has a polarizing relationship with Democrats clearly fractured, but also attacks other Republicans who don't agree or embrace him. And again, I think also policy issues like gun. You know after Oklahoma City and ninety five President Bush quickly NRA quit his lifetime membership after what happened in parkland, Florida. You see President Trump not only say that we should arm teachers, but continue to do business with the NRA. If you needed any more proof of how this is going to be utilized very much in the same way. The the death of John McCain and the funeral John McCain was used here here. It is here. It is what what did the NRA have to do with parkland, the answers, absolutely nothing, and John Williams knows this and chooses not to care, but look how quickly he was able to make the pivot to you. See this is why. George Bush, so great and Trump is so awful. They didn't think Bush was great when he was alive. And then think you great we was president. They thought he was a jerk. They thought he was terrible. They thought he let us to war. They thought he attacked this. They thought. Name the whole list of things. No, one was happy. They were thrilled to get him out of office and get Bill Clinton in there. 'cause man he was going to really show. What's up? And then we got the the Clinton years. That they care. I don't know. Maybe I'd become the Senate. But that's usually not my style. Cynic is not my style. What other proof? Do I need. I believe that this is what we're going to get for the next four days, and I will not sit idly by and have the lionising. Of President Bush. Now, I'm not speaking ill about the man, and you know, policy conversation, I think is just fine. I don't think there's anything wrong with having a policy conversation on anything wrong with asking whether or not the things he acted or or things he said or didn't fall through on. We're are worthy discussion or had a repercussions. Sorry. Read my lips Nonni taxes is one of those lines that kinda goes down in in history. And there are other things that people could talk about I think that's more than okay, I think that's absolutely acceptable. What I find unacceptable is people saying Gladis dead. Those kinds of people. I I I have no time for for those people at all. Nor will I have time for those people who want to lionize the man who say, oh, we only had more presidents like George H W Bush the same thing about George Bush. They're gonna be the same thing about George Bush, but you will have lived through it and you'll be able to say to yourself. What the hell is this? They hated George Bush more than anything. They wanted him dead. They he was illegitimate. They despised him. Now of a sudden, he's he's a Michelle Obama's partner in crime. What the what the hell is this? What the hell is this? I don't think you have to be adversarial with people from from a different political party. I find it awkward. Awkward that. He would be that that she would consider it. So chummy considering how often Barack Obama said it was all Bush's fault and attacked in a visceral Bush on a daily basis for years, even when it was clearly his fault. His inability to move in Konami forward to help congress spur better economic policies. Still blamed it on Bush dot driving things. In the ditch. That's.

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