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Earlier I had a friend last year who had to put her down because she couldn't afford medical care for her kitty, and it turns out in New York City. There's a gigantic veterinary hospital called the animal medical center is busiest veterinary hospital in the country, and they actually have a number of funds. There's ten different funds where people can apply for and receive assistance to get free medical care for their pets. If they can't afford it. That's something. So this is an operational for profit hospital for pets as well. Or it's strictly on donations. Around since nineteen ten looks like a hospital for people. There's eight stories they have a cancer unit. They have an ophthalmology unit. They have a rehab center would treadmills is really quite a thing why they just rely on private funds. I guess donations. And not all the cares fee. Of course, the funds are for providing free medical care are provided by private donors just for that purpose. So most people who use the hospital they have to pay. But if you can't afford, it you can apply, and they told me that eighty eight percent of people who do apply for free medical care for their pets received it last year kidding. Who's eligible? Anybody who can't afford care for their pets? But there's some funds that are dedicated to some really interesting specific cases. So there's one fund that regardless of knee provides free medical care for every single seeing. I guide dog in the city about two hundred dollars seeing eye dogs who get free medical care, regardless of whether or not they're kinda Ford it there's one that. I think is kind of cute with it's a fund set up by private donors, just for German, shepherds and rabbits, I guess so animals like there's a fund that just for birds. There's another fun for animals with the cancer. So depending on and there's a fun for animals who have like medical emergencies. So depending on on what the situation is. There's probably something that will cover your pet. What's the cost of some of this care? Horrible..

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