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The second quarter. Celtics are up on the 76 or 27 2 26 in their first round matchup, Jalen Brown leading the way for the Seas with 10 points in the opening quarter. The Celtics have lost three out of four matchups with 70 Sixers during the season. David Pasternack will miss his third straight game for the Bruins. Tonight. They'll play their fourth So that they'll play their fourth game of the playoffs. Siri's against the Carolina Hurricanes in less than an hour. Andres Burek will fill in for pasta on that, first line, coach Bruce Cassidy said today. What he's looking for from the young forward past is not available. So you know, I understand the most time there in training camp, obviously in game we could make adjustments, But at the end of the day, the message to him there's just play your game. We're not gonna replace pasta. We're not expecting to quote he would David is to us now. And the Red Sox and Yankees are underway in the Bronx first inning. It is the middle of the first inning Red Sox just grounded into a double play to end their half. Yankees will take the bat now. Brian Antonelli W B Z Boston's News radio 7 13 traffic and weather together. The super retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes where we, Mike It's nice and quiet on the highways here. We've got some delays to the north. However, 1 28 South is starting to back up pretty quickly. Danvers into puberty. This is the nightly roadwork setting up by Endicott Street. They're gonna be taking at least one lane there, so it's slow getting by elsewhere to the north. Things were good. Ruwan is wide open up through Saugus in Peabody and Root three and 93 north. They're both clear into something New Hampshire. I wish to the south or good tonight, including the expressway. No troubles in around of the city on 93. The Route three on the South Shore is good. If you're heading south, no worries at all down pass through 1 39 and into Kingston. The lower end of 1 20 eights. Good and so is 24 south into Bridgewater in Raynham downtown. Nice and quiet tonight. The lower deck of 93 is wide open on to the second bridge, and then eventually into the O'Neill Tunnel. The Tobin Bridge, Storrow Drive this Sumner Tunnel, They're all good and the mass pikes and easy ride into Metro West. My king for W. P. Z's traffic on the three Thanks, Mike. We have a high surf advisory for the North and South Shores Cape and Island beaches through eight o'clock.

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