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Ten forty whol clouds this debate this evening the sky will become mostly clear for the night with light west wind and morning low is in the fifties you're looking at an absolutely beautiful memorial day with slightly breezy conditions partly to mostly sunny skies and highs in the midseventies similar conditions are expected on tuesday will be a partly to mostly sunny day with westnorthwest winds at ten to fifteen miles per hour and highs around seventy five wednesday will be picture perfect with weaker west winds a mostly sunny sky and highs near seventy six that's latest news radio ten forty w h three weather forecast i'm channel thirteen meteorologist in brags meaning whol radio news time is twelve thirty four currently and mulling a clear sky we dropped a degree in last down sixty four degrees newsradio chen forty whol the gaining he knew it's on the day anna i'm not signing the india the yeah we design lingering bringing in yeah sure premier networks prisons coast to coast am with george napm now here's george the great george harrison in his song not guilty of sorta could have apply to our topic tonight here we're talking with daniel simone about the pierre hotel affair this incredible robbery that took place in nineteen seventy two and in essence it remains an unsolved case even though we know exactly who was involved in an what their roles where we're going to hear how the the scheme was hatched and how was pulled off in our next segment stick around forty jio at this time in your life your single it's probably because you have made dating a priority make your happiness a.

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