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How they design their helm mary's now and you know fill broke this stuff down near the day of for promo shoot and we were just talking about how things are going to change down terms the hell mary play at the end of the game and how guys are going to start moving out of the pocket and and irons got such a unbelievable bilious throw on the run and just to do if like a flicked of arrests humble it's ridiculous good albert and prince albert you're on the fail with former and bell what's happening former coach our you're doing great guys what's going on i coach bourlet pets it is i'm probably the biggest baltimore ravens panning you are yes i am but i want to talk about cowie apapa okay and i want to talk about the steelers apparently we capri naked you know we have all the thing people up and on tv about you know as a racial paying they always put those racial undertones in there but the fact is the last couple of years that have not been very good and i think that you know of course that's why ettout enjoying ticket a romance question i know you're ravens fancier the perfect person to ask if you look at cog happening stats last year they weren't all that bad i mean if you desist that game but you know the art of those stats probably happened late game when they are playing catchup and he was able to complete a lot of passes but you're the perfect person to ask because you are a fan let's forget about his his playing ability for second do you want him on your team as the fan after what happened last year no and we first of all you know i think joe flaco is very very capable quarterback any durable and i take it back injury thing like they say is only gonna last week to crush have ryan now it we say committed a lot of money as it backup quarterback now it get bring it distraction on the team in the ravens at no will distraction it should not a good day if not a good but.

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