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Finding a new home before the winter meetings began he's reportedly agreed to a six year deal with the nationals. It's worth one hundred and forty million dollars. All right to football. We go urban Meyer stepping down from coaching. Once again, the fifty four year old Meyer will leave Ohio State following the Rose Bowl. Meanwhile, clip Kingsbury he's reportedly headed USC to become their do offense coordinator, former Clemson quarterback Kelly Brian announces that he's transferring to Missouri. And according to sources Maryland is hiring Alabama offensive coordinator, Mike Loxley as its next head coach from the NFL the Steelers James Cotter will miss this week's game against the raiders. Meanwhile, the raiders have signed C, J Anderson the bills have cut Kelvin Benjamin. From hockey. Seattle was unanimously approved as the NHL thirty second franchise. They'll begin play in twenty twenty one several finals Panthers over the Bruins five nothing. Flames nine six over the blue jackets penguins. Double up on the avalanche six to three. I'm Jay Berman. Listen to on football with rich Ackerman. Every Sunday afternoon right here on CBS sports radio. Hi, this is Michael Ronson over for Corrado Avalon. And you're listening to Xtra sports thirteen hundred. Kriens to lies to the top. Now something else. Colleges that refused to let the media cover their football teams at simple stop covering the football team to stop giving them attention stop giving them. This is the dumbest thing that people. Keep talking about on the face of the earth. It's not happening. It's never going to happen. It's the most ridiculous thing ever people. Keep talking about it. You're listening to ferrall on the bench. We live in.

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