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Straight answer and mike's sort of you know fighter flight takes over and so he goes back to lorraine anne says hey you know the jake is up ben is trying to get you out church friday get in with them after it seems like that you know at first blush that the he would have gone with your plant where showing at one point i hit a brick wall and i talked to ashley about our tax damn about a two and nobody like there was no one so that's when i just wonder out started like disclose of everybody seagraves and be like no we gotta hit lauren out like flat out in the open and is almost a tactic of joe right to learn if this is yet at work i need i need major because nobody knows a heavy idol i need to me to draw all these votes army and i personally go after anyone are in fact abba i i went around crazy like telling we to vote everybody out and and it you know ultimately it eventually word so at that point are you just fully aware that okay i i have to play my idol tonight no matter what i wish that there was a way i didn't have to you by the title is being played no matter what yeah yeah i knew i was going home i knew my like if i didn't play my idol i knew i was going on because of the the row i chose to take at that point but i i had to reach as i knew the pressure was coming down i knew the hammer was fallen i knew it like those guys were only as loyal i saw him too well and then there's a secret scene where you're ice sneak bottom at the beach after chrissy gels of me and we do our little nine night stuff and i go down on the beach loyd's mike lauren ashley in devon and their console and mike writing to joe louis hoa and i'm so there i more widest out yelled at you guys are down here consoling him like this is not okay and then the next days when you see me.

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