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Steady. Contin the White Board game. That was a good dump. It was great it was that and it was when you're when because I I felt like nine dunks we're all just like let's see what humans we can jump over. Yes that's where it was. I think the thing that helped Jones there. He was pretty much nail in a mall. I travelled for a while. Just like yeah. I was like you bring out smaller. Chance the rapper year ever so many that pissed me at. That's why I wasn't too upset about Aaron Gordon losing because he just kept bringing chance the rapper out however Derek Jones's first dunk which got a really good score like forty eight something like that. He pushed he pushed off Bam shoulders. Which when everyone else's clearing everyone and when Aaron Gordon all but clears TACO. That's when it's like. Yeah but like that got pushed off. That's why it's hard. That's CONISTON CONISTON with the white boys can't jump and what the off the backboard now that they actually now the judge is actually not look for the replay. Before the Tha. That was good. Yeah I thought those were two really strong ones and I bet he had something else. Kokin but that's like Dark Jones and I'm not even saying that because on pick state by guys like Jones never win I thought he for for for what that guy typically brings he was the opposite was he was delightful. It was really good. Duncan does Aaron Gordon Zach Levine. Like Diet like it was. It wasn't as good but it wasn't a full step behind it either. It was just a little behind it so I wasn't upset that we got a really good dunk contest. But it was Kinda in a way a perfect setup for how the actual all star game ended a little weak in the front Mostly Goes Dwight Howard was involved and I don't think I can't remember second. Get all but the one where he win the reverse. Three sixty in stared at all the judges. That was a good. I don't know what he got on it the other way. It was good enough. What hurt that one was? It was a that was the first song of the night right for any yet very so it's like no you got to do like a front flip to get anything above like a forty nine like they're just. You can't set the bar letter right of Aaron. Gordon had broke that out last like if Dwight hadn't done Gordon did that last. It would've tore the roof off the place but to go I. It's very hot crowd. You go first and that one relied on the replay to show like how much better it was. Can't go I there if he had done the Kobe tribute i. I think maybe we would've seen Dwight in the second round that was trying to Nelson here. What's going on tape I've got? I've got a rewatch. I WanNa see all the dunks and order. Get Gordon I think. Aaron Gordon has the most fifties in dunk contest history. I think someone had that Stott. No hasn't won any of them. That's rough. That's real Rimirad. I guess I think one of the ones Had protests to where he might have to file a legit Glam. I don't know who the board would take. I mean he will due diligence. He was not pumped in his Post Post Game Post Dunk contests. Qna Yes that's stuff. I want to say I can't imagine was because it was Kinda like once way did it. Somebody made you behind me was like Oh yeah he was never gonNa Voting Miami and Pro Life Long. The problem was the other judges. Were naive to the fact that Wade was going to do that. Because the story came out I think Haman will also brother. We'll get to the said that they talked about they were going to have a tie again and so it was like Chadwick and Vote the same as they voted for Dark Jones so I think it was Chadwick. Common gave nines and weighed her that he was just. I Bet I kinda like that no there but I like things like Catering I'm trying to be old. I don't know how many more around would have had honestly like food. Input like chance. On top of tackle shoulders an Jumblatt blow Disheartening part I thought docking over TACO was such a perfect ending to such a wreck. Because he didn't want to come out leaders you could tell he was being bashful. I'm tall I got and that but what's up to friends. That's awesome that the nicest person in the world But the second like they talking about peer pressure. Everyone of the buildings. Get your tall ass out there Taco you. You're saying in the matter here you're going to say. I mean you gotTa fake it with a League. He had to get off that coat. Man I think he was just gonNA play He didn't give them like a full twelve. No this all now. Barely brush my hair man. I just threw something. He had the pants to with the the vertical stripes just to make himself look a little taller for the kids. That's why I was like. Wow this guy's upwards sixer six foot one eight is. He was drying out to be In Radioactive Man. The movie Yes. He had a Chihuahua to add on that. For Wade to just throw it was such an all-time scumbag wherever I am. Starting to come around on it because it is just the dunk contest but I did feel bad for our Gordon. That's awesome yes. Because he was like I keep going until I get it or is it just sitting around Buffalo Bills? Gordon said he's done. I feel like you said this layer could be wrong but I thought he was on like no. I couldn't do come on earth okay. I'll do one last time all right. Let's fuck you. Over one. More time you got fucked. Levin beat him like Levin did a what like between fucking legs from the free throw line like what? Leo's Greg Dunk on as an Aaron Gordon would certainly no scrub but I do think Gordon want yet I would give about. I think they would each of wannabes. But if he if he got that one we never see him. Jump over teco he would have scratched. His Age didn't matter in the long run because he's still lost. I think he lost cause came out in a terrible Jersey Avenue. All the Orlando They forced him off because even in the skills contest and three point cod. They're all wearing their alternates. I can wear any other alternate like we've but cannot relate to alternate royal blue pinstripe hats and all the I I get a lot of. There are a lot of confusing tweets. This weekend there. It was like people weren't on the same page typically like a group thing crowd the crowds Mob mentality like Gigolos. What's going on I was talking about? I'm sorry about the Magic Jerseys. People like it's a nod to the orange trees. I think it's pretty cool. I was like it's not that I hate the the nod to Florida. It's you just can't add orange thirty years after you've got so it's not how this works. You just can't do that. I've got some bad news because I did an common with. I'm usually not a game supposed to start at eight. It's eight Oh seven times to complain like I if you watch sports and you don't give it like a twelve minute grace period. I don't know what kind of a patient that is. But God bless you. This started at like eight forty for eight o'clock tip that was that -rageous eight eight literally eight forty one and I looked on the court and they would just now starting to get shots up like in the warm ups. I'm black. I'll come on so you go to the actual game or were you already back in Atlanta Esa. Now's back with it okay. So yeah they really dragged out and common man loves them. Some spoken-word if if he's going to get like huge endorsement deals and then headline all-star. Intros by doing it. I'm not gonNA townies. Is doing it wrong? Clearly doing some right however ever gonNA arrive. Everyone's names you can't just mail in like Leonard and obstacle Bo- like you got to commit IGA figgy. You're going to go all in on the bit. I'm not biting and I roasted under the mix tape account and I got a lot of responses ban lagging way off on this one. I was like what was going on here. I think twenty nine okay had not gonNa do it for Tangas. Starters no like no. No no you gotta do one for every like the judges like we need one for a Reggie Miller he's like Okay I'll do it on the fly. It was it took forever. I get I get that to do Kobe. Stuff of course Brief mention of David Stern for sure they gave. They gave the entire oral history of everything that's ever happened in the city of Chicago Like Obama popped up Jordan pop up all over the map. Yeah big three remarried. That was way too long like there were several times. I thought they were gonNA ended and then they'd be like here's Bing crosby he's performed here before just like what's happening here Ryan Sandberg Tellers. Your favorite alleged. That refused to stop but I do every time Jordan speaks. I feel like I'm always a little shocked seat. Just doesn't for a guy who very publicly owns a basketball team doesn't speak that much publicly our respect and that's what made me really good law tweeted Jones got an incredible voice..

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