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What I tell you what you know I've been following you know your your progress since it began in one thing I can say for you you started losing weight almost immediately on day one or two did you yes absolutely yeah do you remember how many pounds you lost in the first day two or three do you remember that yeah it was at least three pounds in your about a half a pound to a pound a pound a day now or to yeah and you know course isn't the last bit and so eager to jump into the next day well that's that's fantastic Robert you think about Shannon success or J. Washington this is absolutely great repeating what you said twenty seven days nineteen pounds one pound away from Shangri la and the exciting thing about this and I'm sure other burn fat people have talked about this and that is that that twenty pounds is now gone forever you're not going to get it back like you do on the other big box programs it's gone you don't need to worry about it anymore you just gotta maintain and eat the right foods and just do the things you've been doing and is that difficult no it's not difficult I mean it's it's fixing it is the course just like anything else even doing the same thing over and over for fifty years is different but but yeah it's not hard to get used to something easy to follow now you know let's be let's be Frank you came into the program I called you on the phone I said I want you to do five hundred push ups a day and I want you to run around your house fifty times and then I want you to go and drink some water that's why it went so not even close not even close yeah I got a question for you just a real quick any any pre packaged foods on the program yes or no hello ends that believe it or not is the key because you're going to eat healthy fruits vegetables protein and I'll tell you what you've probably are eating foods that taste better today than they you know you may try the food some years ago but they taste better today than it did in the past doesn't it.

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