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The city from the George Lincoln tunnel. North tube is going to be closed. Ten minutes on the inbound side closer to fifteen as you try to leave New York, and then the Holland tunnel inbound south to one lane closed that's a fifteen minute ride ten on your way out. I'm Karen Falco. Our next report at eleven fifty one on ten ten wins wins news time eleven forty two. Health officials in New York City are stepping up efforts to deal with the measles in Williamsburg with a measles outbreak in two hundred eighty five confirmed cases since October the city health department is threatening to close you Sheba's in Williamsburg, if they don't keep unvaccinated students from attending school. Although there have been no deaths associated with this measles outbreak. Twenty one people have ended up in the hospital. Most of those with the measles from the orthodox community in mostly children officials want to make sure that people are vaccinated before gathering for the upcoming Passover holiday. Al Jones ten ten wins in Williamsburg, according to CDC officials seventy eight new cases of the measles were reported across the country this past week at least four hundred fifty six cases have been reported since the beginning of the year, nineteen states affected Tuesday is election day in Israel, Prime Minister. Benjamin Netanyahu faces the toughest election of his political career. He made some controversial comments over the weekend about annexing, the West Bank, if he wins correspondent, Michael Holmes Netanyahu wasn't talking about major settlement blocks, which most people think would be incorporated into Israel as part of any future. Peace deal. He was talking about all of the settlements. Thirty also all around the West Bank and annexing them would make the notion of any viable Palestinian state. All that impossible today Netanyahu tried to clarify his comments over the weekend. Quote. I didn't say I would annex the West Bank. I said it would apply Isreaeli law annex if you will the Israeli the Jewish communities the Israeli communities on quote, the annexation of parts of the West Bank would likely be considered a final blow to the possibility of a two state solution. Fifty one degrees fair skies in midtown humidity. Eighty three percent wings northeast at nine. Guesting to sixteen AccuWeather calling for much.

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