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Perimeter Cancer Center, Nyu Langone, Tom Kaminski discussed on Michael Wallace and Steve Scott


News time for thirty eight they can weather together on the eight sponsored by perimeter cancer center at NYU Langone health good afternoon Tom Kaminski and Michael good afternoon to you good afternoon drivers will start first off with the demonstration that Kevin Rincon had been part of recovering right at fourteenth street and ninth Avenue where the demonstrators making their way now up but no or northbound on ninth Avenue in that area fourteen so we'll keep an eye on that but the west side at this point twelfth Avenue well west street all of that is open in for that area and we've also had to really not much in terms of delays trying to get up toward the outbound side of the George Washington bridge from about the one fifties or someone up better on the major Deegan just up the ramp to the outbound GW we did have a collision on the eastbound cross Bronx is Rome Avenue that now does appear to be cleared out of the way that we've had delays on the belt parkway westbound actually both ways right in the area B. H. street with the westbound crash at least a couple of lanes are still blocked there I'm Tom Kaminski in the W. CBS traffic center Allen's forecast calls for another potential round of showers and thunderstorms this evening then clearing overnight with lows in the sixties some of the storms this afternoon causing a lot of damage down the Jersey Shore in the Princeton.

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