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Cloud cover. In Milwaukee. It's 32 calls for invoking the 25th amendment coming from both sides of the aisle with Congressman Adam Kinzinger, the first Republican to call for it, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says if the president Mike Pence vice President Mike Pence doesn't move to invoke the 25th amendment, the House is considering impeaching the president. Lucy says she also wants the resignation letter for the House Sergeant of Arms. Paul Irving and Capitol police chief Steven son. She also wants to know why the nation's top intelligence agency did not alert them and why it took so long to activate the National Guard, she says. It goes beyond the national and Capitol police. It goes to the FBI and what was the short coming and their intelligence provided. ABC News has learned. The highest level National Capital Region Mutual aid alert system that was created in the wake of 9 11 was activated yesterday. It was the first time it was used since the September 11th attacks. Michelle Franzen ABC News, citing unlimited wtmj news time 3 31 from the WTMJ breaking news center. After the dust settled in the capital and certification began. Wisconsin Congressman Glenn Growth Men Among three Republicans in the state, choosing not to object to the results. WTMJ is Tony Bet EX live in the Breaking news. John Growth been critical of other lawmakers objecting to the certification, siding with representatives Brian Style and Mike Gallagher to accept the results here in Wisconsin Growth and tells WTMJ. Some lawmakers implied the vote was a second election fiasco performance they were saying. You know, I just want to send a message. Our forefathers sure didn't believe the Congress could go in and turn the whole thing around. State Republicans Scott Fitzgerald and Tom Tiffany among GOP lawmakers to object to the results shockwaves around the country after Wednesday's riot outside the U. S. Capitol Journal Sentinel, Washington bureau chief Craig Gilbert tells Wisconsin's Morning news. One of the more disturbing aspect is the ease with which the riders were able to get inside, too friendly with the protesters, and then you see other video where they're just overwhelmed and threatened. Gilbert says there will have to be an investigation into how the U. S Capitol was breached. A covert 19 relief package has passed through the State Assembly, but it appears GOP leadership in the state Senate aren't on board with the plan. Governor, Rivers and Democratic leadership are also unhappy with the legislation seems more like an unnecessary political exercise. Assembly minority Leader Gordon Hint says after months of inaction, he's pleased there's finally some urgency around Cove in 19 try to de politicize the Kobe response. On approach to reassure the state that its leaders are taking it seriously in the same way that we did a Xylogics later in April, it says. The measure, though, includes many items outside of the public health response and therefore will likely be vetoed by Governor Evers Jane Matt Near WTMJ News, citing unlimited wtmj news time 3 33..

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