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I'm going to be watching the giants play the eagles your giant fan. You know as a possible way they could lose that game. They will do it. If you're an eagle fan. Yeah. Yeah. No. It doesn't matter. No matter what the deal is. He will always be the giants. Have you ever worn? The other teams apparel to a stadium to watch game to watch your team. And also, would you marry outside your team would you date outside your team? Would that be a dealbreaker romantically? Let's talk to Tony in Westfield, New Jersey one point five. Hi, tony. Hey, what's going on? Dave how you doing pal? Were you good good? Hey, I this question. I thought we were talking about teams that were doing good at the game. I was at the Seahawks. The Super Bowl. Have to say like you normally every team comes in really hot box each other before they would walk in the door by the time the half came around like all the Seahawks fans and the Denver fans hugging it out. Everyone became best friends. That's the Super Bowl. Tony those on fans those a corporate idiots, then they're not real fans. I mean, how many how many people actually get the you're a real fan? So that's how I got there, of course. Right. So I mean, it's not like, you know, what's your favorite team? Well, I'm actually I was okay. Colder for fifteen years. So. Yeah. Would you get there? How did you get there? Did you get there because corporate you knew somebody that had money or did you get there because you were one of the lucky actual Seahawks fans got a ticket? It was corporate. Hey, man. He said, it doesn't matter. And. Yeah, you can't get nuts because you'll lose your job. Are you could you imagine that that would be movie? Don't be like, of course. Yeah. You can do that right to you can't do it anymore. But you know. Get along you got away with a lot of shit. You can't say that either right other. We get away with saying that all right? Go to let's go to Jimmy and Morgan villa New Jersey one zero one point five Jimmy. Bharti much. How are you? Oh, I'm Dan. Conversation 'cause it actually I'm an avid football fan. I'm gonna football the giants fan to as well. Right. Now, my father Bill giant stadium back in the day. He built. Yeah. Well, he's not he was nine worker. What's his name? Oh, I can't tell you that I have to kill. You can't tell me your first name out his whole names buried. Actually, you know, what I'm telling you. I will tell you as my father's name was Joe. All right. He had three sons Jim Jonjo. All right, there, we go to house the show Bill. Joe Joe family. That's great. All right. The morning, John. Oh, he passed away. But that and so did the stadium. Yeah. Let's see. So yes, I dated a girl about twenty years ago, and I wound up marrying our shoes San Francisco, what do you hires fan? Oh. And I hated it. I loved her to death, gorgeous blonde. Blue eyes right ever interested in and it worked out well for a while. But then we separated we're divorced gone. But we did go to veterans stadium twice before. They record write about your other question. I did I ever wear giant or another jersey. Well, the first time we went we all wore the jerseys for giants. And and it was it was wholly. How I read it three different fights row. And I was I'm a black belt in two different styles, fared. Well, but my buddies Dan, pick your poison. But it was still tough. I had a hell of a time trying to stay alive. Oh, yeah. Did you go to court? Did you go to eagles court? No, no, no. We've watched we started the they had the wrecking crew, the police and twenty strong and whatever. We were able to get away because I watched two other fights before that when we were tailgating where the giants eagles guys will get let go with the giants fans were getting arrested. What a shock Jimmy thanks for the call to New Jersey one zero one point five. Down in veterans stadium. I'm wearing my giant jersey and. As we're going YSP at the time, and my car is I'm trying to park I'm trying to park, and there's this one guy if he would just move his car back I could fit in that space, and they say didn't care is you can do me favor. Please just move. No moving into car come away. Not your giant fan. You went to j jersey moving to car. I'm like God. I should do.

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