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ROY Spencer who has weighed in on this and he has his paper is devoted to the premise. Why are there so many tornadoes this year? And his answer is cold air. Not warm air. You cannot have massive squall line thunderstorms like this without a lot of cold air, being met by warm air, warm air alone cannot do this. So things warming up the planet heating up, so forth, which is it? I don't even like saying that because it tends to accept the premise client, the climate may be warming and heating up, but it's not being caused by man and carbon dioxide, but. With the tornados, fresh in everybody's mind. Dr Spencer says it's useful to examine exactly why. Climate change, global warming has produced fewer, not more of these events. And the simple answer is that tornado formation requires unusually cool air. Very few thunderstorms produce tornadoes in the hot and humid tropics, there, virtually unheard of we don't get that many tornadoes down here. We're right. Smack you would think we'd be we get water spouts out over the ocean. We don't get a whole lot of tornadoes. We get some. But none like they get in the mid west. Oklahoma, missouri. Kansas. Nebraska because you have to have a large mass of cold air, which kind of forts the entire.

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