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We are going to not only have an audio product but this year we're going to stream the entire thing and it will be available on youtube. After we get done taping it will be able to share that you guys can watch the video of the dfs podcast as well with me. Mike clay and our buddy al zaid and felt so. If you're in a dfs definitely follow along there. And where can you find that. If you download podcasts. Listen Right into the fantasy focus. Football fiji need to go anywhere. It's just going to populate right there for you. That is amazing right into the football fantasy. Focus football podcast feed so earlier in the show. We talked about lately on bell signed with the baltimore ravens maybe eventually becoming the urging running back on the active roster for now he's on the practice squad well for now we also know it's the gusts bus show in baltimore as gus. Edwards is the undisputed starting running back going into the season math along those lines. How high does he. Climbing your rankings. In week one matchup right here on. Espn monday night. Football against the las vegas raiders. i'm at eighteen. I'm the highest on him among all of our ranker's but i'm worried honestly that i'm not high enough. This is a really good match. I think he scores okay. I'm just. I'm just call that right. Now i think he scores a touchdown pass. Catchers of the ravens are a bit banged up here. They have a behind gus edwards. They haven't inexperience guy. Tyson williams to your point lane bell is still on the practice squad even if they activate him for this game hard to see him getting into the game other than maybe a player to my expectation is lean on gus edwards in a road game monday night football that he gets a big workload and a good matchup scores a touchdown i think he scores at least one. So honestly i'm at eighteen. And i might be too low. Yeah i have them at a one thousand. Nine cam. hasn't twenty-one mike. What i'm most interested in is. Why do hate gus edwards. Oh no no. I wanna see whether or not they get him involved the passing game it all this weekend and that's the concern for me as well with edwards which is why we're not higher on him right. Look at this. You look at greg. Roman play collar and you look at his seven seasons as a play caller in the nfl. Six of his running back. Units top ten in rushing yards and touchdowns. That's pretty telling actually both baltimore. Offenses were top six in those categories. None of the seven were top. Twenty and running back targets. None of that is a trend. And we've seen time and time again with greg. Roman at that changes this season with jk dobbins out of there right. There was some swirling. Maybe they would throw more to that position but without dobbins. I don't think that happens. However we're talking about a lot of positives here with gus edwards. A high scoring offense a really. Good up against the raiders. Defense we expect a struggle certainly early in the season and look edwards has been really good right. he's been around since two thousand eighteen. You went undrafted. He is second in yards per carry at five point. Two in the entire. Nfl among running backs of course during that span. So something's not like. Mpp are the lack of targets it is going to limit him a little bit of a mid range tobacco rb to non. I certainly feel a little better about. The bottom. line is a v. scores. You're in business if not it could be trouble. There implied team. Total is twenty eight points. When you look at the over unders and again we expect them to be up in this game. We expect them to be running. Edwards has nine career games. He's gotten fifteen or more touches in those games. He's averaging over ninety three yards a game over five yards per carry. I think he gets big workload here. I think he scores a touchdown on monday night. I'm making. I'm pushing my vegas pushing my trips to the middle on that one gus edwards gets into the end zone on monday night. All right so the rams have a couple of running backs this year. They've got a potential new starting running back. I should say daryl henderson and it also certainly michelle acquired in a trade earlier. This training camp. Would you start either of these players against the bears in week. One through a pretty good bears defense for the most part. And this rams offense that we think it's going to be very very good matthews operate under center but it could be very very good because they throw for like five thousand yards and thirty five passing touchdowns. Yeah i mean. The bears always play the rams tough. It feels like you know over over the years. And and so i would i start them obviously depends on your options. I've henderson twenty six. I've sony michelle at thirty four. So if i'm picking one rams running back right now. It's henderson the expectation here. Is that henderson's involved in the passing game here again i have ms mid tier flex so probably not see how this tough match-up let's see how this plays out because we're still not really sure what this rotations going to look like. We think henderson over michelle but to your point we think michelle gets the goal line work. We think he gets short yardage stuff. It could be henderson just as the third down back. So let's see how this plays out the one thing. I'll say on henderson. Is that if there's a guy that can break a big play. I think it's more likely to be henderson than sony. Michelle and if they can't run the ball between the tackles..

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