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Mom and and as always. I'm joined by my good pal. Jacob redman jacob. How're you doing on this fine morning. I'm doing great zach as part of my new year's resolution i think i'm gonna glow it up and defeat the fire lords in my life. That's my goal fruit. Twenty twenty one. So we'll see how it goes. I don't know if. I got an e sadistic antagonists in my life. I mean i got to be bought online. But i don't know if they're fire lord a bad so that's an interesting that's fair that's fair. I probably shouldn't give these people too much credit. Fire lord's own right. You know i'm doing well. We came off last week and a fantastic podcast with josh and kevin. It was so much fun. It was amazed even in the moment while we were recording. We have our streaming are now looking. I was like wow. Where's it to our mark bulich. We've been talking about thirty minutes so much. Fun of it was interesting dynamic. because even though we're the host of this show it's like they're kind of our podcasting seniors and like especially kevin came in pretty hard really was like i've always needs a news. Good news a great show. I thought has a ray happy with how that turn now and once again. Thanks to both josh. And kevin or coming on our little show. And i mean i felt bad because the movie was so awful at a certain point back. I just saw like to press microbe. Sei we watch our boy almanzan young muhtar like. Oh what a horrible. I wish men in black memory stick to wipe out the young my brain honestly that might be the best for both of us for that and if we could just wipe that from our memory i had gone back before podcasting thing in the movie so it showed up on my net flicks like continue watching and i was like no. I will not be doing that. And you know it's actually been haunting me. This movie's been haunting me throughout this week. It's been falling following me into my real life. Okay feel free to elaborate on that quite interested so last week kevin said like the mark of bad writing is when someone says like as you know and then describe something that you know. I started working with someone at my job. Who starts like half of his sentences with as you know and then tells me something. I know and i really like. I'm having flashbacks. I'm like wait is m night shamlan writing my life story stranger than fiction except instead of amitav night shamlan. And you're just will farrell exactly. It got even worse when on thursday. We were talking about like different movies or stuff that we were watching and he was like. Oh yeah. I was just watching the last air bender and i was like what like. Why apparently like he had never seen it before. He's also an avatar fan and so he was like. Oh yeah like. I was watching it for the first time and i was like. Hey there's a podcast nice of our broadcast of course step ahead. Good potential listener. You're lucky as you know co worker. Exactly yes if you're here as you know co worker as much for joining and i'm sorry for making fun of you in the start of the show. Yeah i mean i. Hopefully he enjoys the show. I mean honestly though are our last podcast last week about. The movie was a great entry level. Podcasts for like people. Don't listen to us. Listen to i thought so if anything he does he's got absolutely right there with the movie fresh on his mind did he talk generally was he just watching it like us. Yeah he was watching it like us like it was one thing that i think. It was similar to your positions act. Where like he's heard how bad it was. He's a fan of avatar and had never done it and he was like you know what now's the time to do it so he just sat down and watched it last week yeah. If it wasn't for this. I never would have watched that piece of shit moody. Pardon my language. Tell us this episode before we absent opposites though we should tell our fans From here on out. We're gonna be dropping on wednesday mornings rather than tuesday in the new year. We are switching to wednesdays. You might have noticed that with the m night. Shyamalan movie broadcasts as well. We forgot to announce their. That's my bet in cobb podcasting on my part but we're doing now so going on wednesday morning yeah on wednesdays will wear pink and will listen to hang and added to the agenda also hump day so we can go back to those terrible geico commercials with camel walking around completely. You unlocked a hidden memory. I have forgotten among us remind. Yeah there's no. There's no survivors. So instead of survivor you got hang in there for the foreseeable on. Why oh yeah. We'll probably have to hang in there for a while before we get new reality. Tv back but you know what your wednesdays are getting pretty full. You know you have to wear pink. You have to watch the guy commercial. You have to listen to us like it's a lot. Was there anything else we we need to get into before a man. It's crazy we're on season two already almost like just when she came on my screen and we'll talk more about almost. I go goosebumps along like wow. We're really season to keep saying it. Just feels like we start our podcast like a week ago and now we're already starting season two like it's still surreal to me even now. Yeah i agree get seems like a you know just a few weeks ago. Where making fun of the game with no rules and talking of pilot that genuinely bills like so recently so it's kinda short and now here are starting season two and i have to say this was a great season opener really enjoyed this episode. I agree we were talk around. Appreciate both the Be side story. Were great and i think that's why season two is incredible because you're so invested in both the story like team avatar and of course the tops you're invested in the four of them as well as zoo growing ira living their lives. As refugees in the earth kingdom both those stories are so compelling and they started them here. And i'm really excited to dig into. Yeah so let's jump in just like any storied that's good We start in a dream and hearing is running around and we see. We quickly realized that anger is seeing hang in the avatar state so he i is looking at himself in the In the first hour in the sorry in the third episode where we see him at the southern air temple he then starts to like sea monkeys skeleton and then we see him in the avatar state attack. Hang in the dream. This was like a bit of an abrupt start. Zack were you ready for this now. You mentioned it kind of. I don't think it's kind of cliche to start Episodes all greens fan that trump donkey around. This episode was incredible. But that didn't love and you're right. It wasn't a rough start because we just see and avatar state. He's having a nightmare about himself. Avatar state essentially wreaking havoc and destruction killing doing things that are not normally arabs nature. So i can see why he wakes up here with like a cold sweat and the next scene. He tells guitar that he was actually scared of himself in injury and that must be a horrible feeling to. It's one thing like me. Dream wish bone or something stupid like that was another to like. Actually see yourself in a dream and be scare of your life essentially your own reflection on. That must be terrified. Yeah and like. I don't love it. They started the episode with this. But this dream sequence is pretty good. I agree i. We see like hang in the southern air temple where he's like seeing monkey skeleton we see like qatar and sokha like hiding behind a rock is anxiety too powerful and then the blast of in the avatar state since dream state and into the next time that he's in the avatar state in the fire temple where then being ripped open a hole in the floor and then and goes to the next time on the ship in avatar state whenever he's in the Begin or he's at the end of season one. So it's a pretty cool sequence. Kaushik goes between these. I thought they did a pretty good job of like you know at least like i'm not a huge fan. They started.

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