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Three or four officers. Goldsboro Raleigh is our main office, Greensboro, and Moorhead. And then find a little icon that says financial data profile print that out fill it out. Because it'll help you think about what we're going to talk about with you, your goals, your asset, your income, your debts kids, blah, blah, blah. And then when we meet we're gonna go over that stuff, and we're going to pick your brain and say, what are your plans how you going to get there? How you're going to get from a to be in the best situation. It will we'll give you a lot of input. And it'll be like an hour hour and a half meeting at the max. And then if you really are liking what you hear us say you can come back for a second complementary meeting with a more detailed written proposal, and then we're not gonna bug you anymore. But if you want to become our client, that's great. We'll take you. And if we think you're okay, and you don't need us. We actually will tell you that but nine times out of ten as good as you're planning is. Usually there's things that need work is kind of like an athlete. You know, we the world championships were just held in the sport of wrestling in Budapest, Hungary, and ninety nine point nine percent of Americans don't know that. But we had three gold medals two silvers and three bronze really a great showing. But as good as those gold, medalists athletes, are they still have a coach every one of those guys has a personal coach because you just beat the Russians and the Turks and the Japanese and Chinese kid, and you could walk out with your gold medal and be Mr. cool for a while. But somebody's going to beat you later. If you're not coached, you always have flaws. The greatest tennis players the greatest skater need improvement. They have an adviser. So that's what we're saying you need an advisor we're talking. Today about something this very complex generational financial planning with your whole family, and, you know, raising kids or maybe you in a you are an adult kid. You got crazy parents. There's a lot. There's a lot of crazy stuff in your family. Your children excluded. That's right. Now little grandkids are perfect. But there are only perfect until they go to middle school. And then they become. What what should we call them?.

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