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In its it's one of those movies where the actors most of them all almost all of accept oprah's are really recognize was kathy moriarty is the is the grandmother so that oh this kathy moriarty yeah everybody else had you know most for the most part they looked like they come from that poor area of new jersey he added her iggy heavy moriarty from 0 for rachel region boulia may she was hot last week is hard look at her back and i chapel and excess kept stabber back to their gone while it's heartbreaking and as far as i guess the the main actress whose you know a petty cake dumbo they caller half the time she does he does a good job of of carrying it but the movie it's like some time they wants to be a drama agreed kennedy comedy drama about poor people and other times is a fantasy and sometimes it's a rock fantasy or less like a rat fantasy it's not really settling on what it is in there's never a point where i got lost in it and didn't know i was watching a movie in winning x in you know it's one of things where this was a movie that was at southbound southwest than that on that they can only play once or twice and it was one of the the big talked about movies all this is one and once you got to see and i've learned now that men people say that no eyeing goddess succeed always nervous about the the the.

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