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Typically back over to running Dane Smith. We will retreat go to the bubble those beds, and the five attackers out for buffalo. Now led by Smith Frazier. Corey small Jordan Dirksen, along with Josh Byrne. Here's Dr Ston shot say by del Bianco very quick with that, stick and not. Let pass the captain McRae lead bass out front. Buffalo gets caught there a little bit. Ethan O'Connor doing his best to get back in transition. But Dixit have step on them? Buffalo just gets their fifth attacker out there as you mentioned, John. They kinda were slow in transition in deciding if they were going to go to the net for make a change they decide to make the change. And as soon as the fifth forward comes on the floor. They take the shot del Bianco absorbs it, and gets it up the floor and Curtis sticks. And makes no mistake and transition the other way top missed by the buffalo bandits in the coaching staff seeing Dixon flying out and knowing how good, they'll Bianco is the outlet pass and getting together hurt. Balazs skied, what he says, too. Deep ball, the media lab and sneaking out with seventeen not notice, and he scores the goal to come within one four three buffalo here with two minutes and forty three seconds remaining. In this first quarter of play. Here. Come up next of the line Dane, Dobie. He gets a couple of hits of wax from dick weeks. Dobie still hanging on ball five seconds left on the shot clock Calgary from the corner as Curtis Texan. He's being covered by McKay Dixon shot in despair with no time left on the shot clock goes wide and of all immediately picked up by Buffalo's. Ethan O'Connor might have been Buffalo's best defensive side of the game there. John Dobie Dixon away. The line goal the band, that's now to the nearside deep into the near corner. Calgary's Sean Evans scoots out leaves the backup to chase Frazier. Frazier looking looking trying to get a shot away. Nobody there Fraser an attempt to do diving shot and he is hit from behind, and no Paul, and that was on by Christie criss Jesse king and cleared by Calgary immediately in the bubble those territories loose ball. Picked up by Calgary from the bar corner. Up next set, the stage date Dobie is at right now too low drive by pace that turned aside, by Matt Benson, the rebound collected quickly, my steep real, though, he'll wielded back out to midfield Spangler, who immediately leaves it to Dane. Smith first quarter action three Calgary check that buffalo bore Calgary three hard shot by Dade Smith. Buffalo's upset here because Calgary blocked that shot has deigned Smith. Let it go at went out of play in Calgary being awarded possession Dane Smith. Still arguing that call Jared up by courier for Calgary in over the line. Jesse king looking for lane over the shoulder pass nice connection, that Dan Taylor, but went over the crossbar flip back out to midfield. Back charge for buffalo. Good job. I Kevin Brown alga, check the roughnecks player at midfield who was trying to scoop that loose ball out checks his stick, and he misses it. Which leads to the over him back under a minute to play here in.

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