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Eighteen members beginning their investigation we will have our first NTSB news conference in around four hours now they will look into all sorts of things to try to determine the cause of the crash weather conditions the possibility of engine failure pilot error as for removing the bodies it could take several days to complete that task live in Calabasas California Steve Futterman CBS news we're hearing chilling accounts of the overnight doc fire that killed at least eight people in Scottsboro Alabama Mandy Durham has a house vote and a nearby dock it was a horrible thing there was nothing we could bear with a fire truck got here it was far too hot for them to get up to it there are people screaming trying to get off of the dog at least thirty five boats were destroyed four people were shot outside a courthouse in Bridgeport Connecticut a spokesman for the city said it's not believed to be a random act violence Josh Smith smoke to spoke to WTIC radio I heard at least nine or ten maybe more and I saw a vehicle screech off down the hill the victim's injuries are not believed to be life threatening on Wall Street the Dow down four hundred nine points nasdaq off one fifty nine this is CBS news don't miss out on your chance to enter the rocket mortgage Superbowl squares sweepstakes over a million dollars in prize money will be given out during Super Bowl fifty four rocket mortgage swears dot com overnight tonight it'll be cold with partly cloudy skies low temperatures hover right around thirty two degrees tomorrow be a mix of sun and clouds for is another breezy day though on Tuesday a high of forty five the more sunshine on Wednesday expect highs right around forty two I'm CBS three meteorologist Matt Petersen get your forecast all the time it's CBS Philly dot com free cash in free cash twelve until four thirty PM your eighty running to win one thousand dollars in cash January thirty first supply dot com slash contest for a chance to win freedom cash talk radio twelve ten W. P. giving blood is easy it only takes about an hour and a single donation can help save up to three lives donate now call one eight hundred red cross or red cross blood dot org you are not your diagnosis a medical chart is not your identity and vision loss does not define.

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