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But here's my question. Everybody involved in the Dre Shin Reed killing was black from the deceased to the two officers to the original officer, the chief of police who got into the high speed chase. Everybody involved in this case was black. So I guess I really don't understand where the racist cops chant comes into play here. Yeah, On some of the demands that were being made in terms of black lives matter. They're still wanting the officer that was involved in the police action shooting fired and they want a federal investigation into the police action. Shooting of duration, Reed More protests scheduled for this evening here in Indianapolis, turning our attention to the election, North Carolina finally called for President Trump. Up and really, most importantly right now, it was called for Republican Thom Tillis in the Senate race. This gives the Republicans right now a one seat advantage. Looks like it's going to be two seats in the Senate once. Alaska finally makes their call, meaning that those two big runoff that are gonna happen in Georgia in January worst case scenario makes it a 50 50 tie in the Senate. Yeah, That is worst Case scenario, because that means Chuck Schumer is the boss of Kamala Harris is the tie breaker, If it ever comes down to like, you know, say a giant green New deal tax deal. We need one of those Senate seats in the runoff in Georgia to go the GOP's way. Now, before everybody starts the panic and think. Oh, my God! Here comes packing the courts. Here comes this and that. Take a listen to this. This is a Democratic senator from West Virginia. Joe Manchin. Talking about what would happen if it were a 50 50 tie in the Senate if both of the Georgia senators.

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