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On six. The deep bench. Jim of six guys who were all at least average to well, above average hitters absolute, and there were six guys who got at least one hundred fifty plate appearances off the bench that, that did not include the regular as we all know, and that, that really made it a real team because they knew that sparked was going to a let them have the chance to play and that allowed them to have a special moment of the role and also it kept them in shape, you know, because if you get if don't get the play once a week, it stopped get to play a little bit more than that. They're gonna contribute many for the bulk of mess. Sparky was very smart. He really was and the deep starting rotation. Those two Arabia Lopez, and Willie Hernandez, logging those innings in the bullpen rotation logging all those innings he could afford to carry I've in six man bench and Ron Gardenhire all year has basically been working with three men bench and we saw how that hurts the ball club. Didn't mean it really does when you look at six men on the bench compared to three there's just no comparison, but you, you look at the great, Dave rose material, I have to say the great day, rose, what he did is the starter and in relief, eight yes, they did. Both things they were multi talented in all the different areas. And I just a great team to watch. And again, one of the really great teams in tiger history. Game's going to be delayed just a few moments because of that someone who gives us a moment. Jim to talk about this current twenty nineteen Tigers team. I mean, we, we certainly detailed how tough time this has been the part is usually a team that's having a tough season always plays better at home than on the road. It's been the opposite this year. And we've talked about that. From a player's perspective. I mean this really becomes a very tough time mentally. You.

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