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Everyone is as web savvy as they should be and avoid the sellers who are just making a fast buck and I would also emphasize that it's really great to get on board with plot societies. They've because they often have see schemes. For example the guests Naree out society the British Logical Society which we talked about last week in their spore scheme the purchase CACTUS and succulent society and many more they operate on the kindness of their members in swapping or providing seed. And it's a great way of supporting these societies. So do check that out if you're struggling to find some special seed if there's society you can join. They will probably be able to help you out. Some people have also asked why certain house plants seed seems to be just available online. It's a good question I guess partly it's down to how much seed to plant produces so if a plant is not particularly forthcoming in terms of flowering and producing seed that made the seed very expensive to buy an expensive to produce some plants. Just don't flower. That often and are very easily propagated. Vegetative leave from cuttings and so people don't bother with seeds all sometimes seed is only viable for a really short amount of time and that makes it impractical to sell so the next question is what am I saying this year. Well in front of me aren't GonNa Rag tag bunch of seed packets that I've gathered together some dropped on the floor. Hang on just GONNA go pick these up way down okay. I'm back so let's see what I'm so in this year. I've got some things that were left over from last year. So I've got half a packet of the bargain basement lottery mixture greenhouse plants. I'd never actually identified any of these. Were embarrassingly some of them went into pots outside. There's some abetting because there was nothing that really looked house planty as such that Germany. But I'M GONNA give this other go because that's a fun Also got some this. I'll got some top seeds Which are about lithographs Brumfield embers? Which came from the BBC Esus and the seat on? This is absolutely tiny. I cannot be seen him in the packet. But I've got a few of those too so I will not another laptops which is al. Campai- Bella catty and probably get about ten seeds there too so also got a lovely bargain-basement packet of Coleus. This is a rainbow mixed the classic combination on. This just provides cheap and cheerful bedding for my outside beds and any good plants can be kept inside over winter for the following year so lovely cheap and cheerful stuff. Okay what else have I got here? I've got alien polly Philo- I think these came from the BBC SSI. I know that chiltern seeds have got them but I think they may be out of stock. There that's the wonderful ehlo succulent Ehlo. With the spiral. Patent Rosette which is absolutely gorgeous. It's generous packet of about a dozen seats. There's some hoping for some success with that. What's this Oh Diaz Korea elephantine pace which is lovely cedar? She quite large with a sort of a fan type extension on it love. Codex as we know some going to be trying to say those if you're not familiar with the Latin This is the elephants foot plot that produces this incredibly wonderfully textured elephants foot resembling codex big swollen route at the bottom. I mean I realize I'm not going to be getting a huge codex very soon because this plant of course will require some time to bulk up but I thought this one would be a fun thing to troy. And what's under this Okay I got some random chilly seeds. Self say self saved Chile seeds which I will be so into Not but some of those will no doubt end up on my windowsill. So that's kind of fun. So that's what I've got to so so far this year. I think I've got some more seeds on their way. I think our way out of late night ordering so this may not be the end of it but for the moment. This is what I'm choosing. I'll probably get started on the coast first because it's really easy to so and has a really good success rate. I might wait a couple more weeks to do the CACTI and succulents. Oh One more one more CPAC it. I forgot this is from children seeds. It's plex trunk. There's mixed species so this'll be interesting because trump. I can make good house plants as well as being. Great some abetting apologies. The small tiny seat package her appearing from everywhere. The other thing I've got is chaired opposite than ticky lotter also from the BCS. Going to have to Google that one. Because I can't even remember what I bought. There are yes. This is a lovely succulent with lovely Pale. Yellow daisy like flowers. I guess the den take your arteries because the leaves resemble little teeth so that's another great cloth that I'm looking forward to growing. It's South African native. As many of these clones. Now to more of your questions. This one came in on instagram. Where I'm at Jane Perron from Benjamin who asked how much difference does compost? Actually make as in. Can You just use multipurpose and get similar results? Great question so do you need to splash out on specialist seed sowing mix as opposed to just using any old multipurpose compost? You've got hanging around. The main issue with using that regular compost is just the size of the bits within the compost. If you look at see compost. It's usually very fine. It's more like I'm gonNA use an analogy. That probably won't work to Americans now but If you're making a crumble the consistency of the crumble mixed before you put it on top of the of the fruit is generally about what see compost looks like some more bread crummy than big massive chunks whereas if you get something is a multipurpose compost that's can have quite large pieces in it and the problem for the seeds is that they can then just get stuck underneath a massive pile of something well to them. It's messy if it's a tiny dot of a seed and it can hinder germination. The other thing about seed compost is that it tends to be relatively low in nutrients because seats as they germinate draw energy from their own selves to to power that germination so they don't need a lot of nutrients early on in the process. Can You use multipurpose? If you've got massive seeds well quite possibly. Yes if you've got something. I don't know what the equipment would be in the house. Plant world maybe a palm seed. Were run a bean seed or something like that. That's really big. It probably won't do any harm to use a larger grain compost. What you might want to do is just pick count. And he really large bits will give a bit of a sieve. That may help the other thing to bear in mind though is the seed. Compost is generally quite well drained so that a the seeds don't get waterlogged have water hanging around the could rock them. Before they get a chance to germinate that can also be a factor in the world of damping off which is something that happens to seedlings now and again. It's a fungal condition where sudden your ceiling collapsed and just fall over and they'll be sometimes a little bit of visible fungus around the base can combat that by providing good drainage and also really good hygiene washing. Your seat trades with hot soapy water and rinsing before he began and also to some extent using fresh seed compost. So don't use last year's supplies by in fresh of waste lost as you can obviously use that as a moat senior garden or Mulch on the top of your house plant pots but don't use old compost for seeds so fresh compost. Ideally see compost is the best thing you can use and for certain seeds. Cacti succulents particularly you might want to be adding a layer of the Mickey light on the soil surface before you start serving so that the seeds are even more well drained as always check the seed packets seaboard. It recommends maybe try doing a couple of different combinations of compost feel seeds and see what works best. But I hope that helps Benjamin and your seats rump away. This year right now. It's time to meet our listeners. And her name. Is Emily. Remember if you want to feature on meet the listener. Then drop the align on the Ledge podcasts at G MAIL DOT COM. It's ridiculously simple to take. You just need a smartphone which is something all of us have. I would say so get involved. Let's here on the show here. The answers to your questions. I love this because every listeners got their own take brilliant so without further ado. Let's hear from Emily.

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