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Mark answered your question your use poses the question rhetorically probably but let me let me actually answer it has anybody ever been fooled by that expressions sausage party and i was i wasn't really fooled by it but but i was stumped by for second the first time i ever heard that term an but i heard it in the form sausage best i had no better opportunity so as driving a cabin in albuquerque about ten years to go and i picked up some guys think it was three guys jumped in the back and and they might have been four might have been a guy in the front and i remember and we started talking and and they're they're band and didn't they gave me the band name and i don't know if it was a made up name or who is a real side project or whatever but after after a while it dawned on me that this guy that i was talking to the main duty was talking he was dave dave navarro and and and he they were he was telling me tell me about the performance they were doing and what kind of crowd they were getting whatever and he said he said it was a real sausage fest and i'm like what any and then and then before he could explain to deduction w what he's talking about but the guy from wasn't he in nirvana jane's addiction wasn't it shows what i know that's not shaven dave navarro isn't jane's addiction that's shoot yeah terry what's his very yeah i can't remember what the last of it is but yeah dave navarro known for red hot chili peppers there you go jane's addiction he wasn't jane's addiction guitar you dated carmen electra probably the i'm really call here with with entertainment topics because we just i i don't know who carmen electra is either yeah that's what i recall that everybody else does so so good good for them they probably do yeah he's talking about your your utah law i'm all for that and just kind of hodgepodge.

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