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Systems. Now, we're going to streamers. Woo. All right. Why don't you start since you're so excited? Mark eat. I'm old person. Well, I said this at the start of restrooms. He's also my stream or Josh mccown. Okay. Because he's facing a bills team that throws Inish up Sion's. Like, we talked really know the skin throw the detail, but they get options with touchdowns, and he's going to take advantage of that. Josh mccown can have good games. It's proven that. He can have good games. Okay. Be she'll be in the NFL like nineteen different teams. If he hasn't. Absolutely. I think streamer that you should consider quarterback. I mean, I talked about our Smith already. But I'll talk about a different quarterback. Baker Mayfield is a streamer that you could consider for eighteen fantasy points possibly more. They're playing the falcons what let's not get it to a sit here. The falcons defense is still not very good. The Redskins were not able to take advantage of that last week. But Baker Mayfield at home. He might be able to see some better production. I liked last week that they got Duke Johnson involved with that offense. It gives him the ability to make some easier throws. It gives Baker Mayfield the ability get rid of the ball sooner. So look for him for a streamer this week. We'll speaking of do Johnson and the guy that was low at a couple of weeks going might not be low now. But I still think he is available. Most leagues do Johnson. He is. And I would just take advantage of take that definitely into consideration. Did you or what are you? Go ahead. Just a poor rushing defense. They lay let one hundred thirty eight yards per game average, and that's a lot. If Johnny gets more carries. I think he can improve and Johnson how Bill for quarterbacks. How do you feel about starting Nick Molins streamer, honestly? They're facing a really bad joins team. And they're at home again, and they are at home again. And it's a prank and they've had a lot of week two. They've had a lot of preparations. They played on Thursday of last week. So they're getting a full like eleven days in between. So yeah, let's let's go with that. We can make a mystery Mark. Okay. So for running back. I know it talked about earlier he's not a streamer because he has not available in most leagues.

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