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Well and truly understated classy man behind the curtain but also very courageous style. Donald trump bef- while this was all happening at the at the capital and the fallout from it He quietly did one last thing to the lgbt plus community before he leaves which was by stripping. Demonstrate d discrimination protections. Just what are we at well today. Nine days by thursday. What five days four days. I can't even remember something like that. Anyway so the department of human health and services trump's department of human health and services. I should say adopted new rules allowing recipients of federal h h s grants to discriminate against lgbt plus people in the name of religious freedom so what that means is what health and human services can cover. Is everything from health. Coast healthcare services where people can discriminate under the guise of religious liberty with things like hiv and sti prevention programs that could directly affect lgbt. Plus people that now those places are protected. Who choose to. I don't know not deal with a client who has hiv or also deal with a client who has hiv long as they're not gay or queer or anything like that however this also includes opioid programs that will be a religious liberty exemption can be made of like. Oh no we don't treat lgbt plus people in basically if you get an hhs grant and you're a religious organization you can then why should mass. Why we're why are they even getting the money in the first place. But i know the reason for that but you can. You can deny someone to enter into the sort of drug program if they are. Lgbt plus not to mention it affects things like youth homelessness services which of course we know. Disproportionately are made up of lgbt. Plus kids so it's an attack on children to and that will. We can't really help you in house you unless you renounce the fact that you're lgbt plus or if you're trans you're not coming here. I mean it's that simple and this is ben carson yen ben cardo ben carson's hud. Oh sorry you're right. I forget who runs health and human monster but what health and human services also covers is adoption fostering so this is just one more thing giant hurdle to a really an excuse for discrimination carte blanche to do it to refuse to place children with families based on sexual orientation gender identity or marital status and this is something obviously has been a huge push for that among amongst conservatives that they don't want kids going to lg lgbt plus parents in addition and again that the people who are most affected by this lgbt plus children because it works that way too. You know what i mean. It allows them to say like sort of say like. Oh will you get last dibs on on this on on being adopted at because of how you identify so it's really disgusting and perverted and all of these things. It is true leap. Talk about a death rattle. It is something that did not need to be done. It is something that in these last few days an office quietly. We're we're not hearing from him that he was able to do because again. It's so easy to pass legislation against the most vulnerable people in america which includes you know. Lgbt plus people of course so this and this is not defend trump at all. I'm not doing that at all. I just feel like he's so lazy and stupid like. I wouldn't know who actually wanted to do this. Yes i mean trump's ear about it and yeah and said like yeah. I don't think that trump wakes up in the middle of the night. Thinking about policy changes right. Don't think he thinks about me. You know what i mean. Just me me me all the time. I don't the key even really thinks about because this isn't a benefit to him. And i sort of think to your point that's when we know trump's in vault is if it benefits him you know and i don't know that there's a direct benefit to him here except maybe he gets the religious on his side. Yeah exactly okay. So this all started. So obama had rolled that ship out previously and made it to where there wasn't a religious exemption for these things but in may two thousand seventeen the white house. Detroit trump pence white house put out an executive and this is from. Hr see human rights campaign and also pink news. The trump white house put out an executive order saying the department of justice had to create broad exempt exemptions for faith based organizations to discriminate against those who do not agree with their personal beliefs. So that even goes beyond lgbt plus so that includes religious discrimination too so in january twenty. Nineteen the trump pence health and human services. Granted a waiver to south carolina's foster care program which contracted with a child welfare provider who seeks permission to refuse to see to serve prospective parents who don't share their religious beliefs specifically dis- south carolina foster program wanted waivers to allow federal funds to go to a child welfare agency that refuse to work with jewish and catholic people. Yeah that's how we think of things in terms of lgbt plus or against women or against this. This is these people. wouldn't even. I mean when you are given again carte blanche to just decide what. I don't agree with that. I mean if someone's given exemptions like that it really comes down to but i don't like jewish people. I don't like catholic people so then no one even though it's a foster care program that is not about me. The person running it no one jewish or catholic can adopt a child not dimension anyone. Lgbt plus you know what though if that's gonna be your fucking case then you don't get any dollars coming from those american citizens like you. Don't get one fucking tax dollar you. Why isn't that i know. It's like every marginalized people in this country are are being forced to pay for their own fucking discrimination here and the reason the reason the way they spend that lie is they say oh. You know. kids aren't getting adopted as much. we need to open new it more adoption agencies. That's what the trump pence plan is that we need to open. And it's like. Oh no honey vera paul. Anti of kids need to adopt at poletti of kids so the solution is to allow lgbt plus people to adopt them when they want to. Also there's no statistic whatsoever that anyone can point to that like the abuses that they are fake concerned.

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