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Or something like that and how that affected you the flavors and you know the thoughts and how it changed your perception of that country over that culture of whatever it might be, and it creates curiosity, and you want to know more and, um Learn more. And I think that for indigenous peoples who have had such a rough time, especially with the U. S government, and we've had so much stripped away from us that it's really important to experience some of these flavors that are true representation of where we are. If you can taste these foods and have places to taste them and understand it's going to open up a lot more people for compassion, understanding and you know we can live in a better world. That's John Sherman, co owner of Romney in Minneapolis and founder of the Sioux Chef. You can see his full talk at ted dot com. On the show today, ideas on reconnecting to what we eat and solutions for some of our biggest food problems, which includes hunger. There's a lot that has to do with Just access, which is why I have always said that hunger is not an issue of scarcity. There's more than enough food. This is social entrepreneur Jasmine Crow. For the last four years. She's been trying to figure out how to redirect healthy food that might be wasted to the people who need it. Ever since she visited a food bank in 2017. And saw what was on offer. I always remember. The biggest thing is they were giving away a gallon of barbecue sauce,.

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