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Welcome to kids. Myths and mysteries either hosts kept crumb all this week and next. We're focusing on psychics. Tarot card readers mediums uh-huh fortune tellers and programming note here. I have that next Wednesday. I will have an interview with the woman. Who owns a a psychic boutique? And she will have one of her many psychics with her at should be a very interesting interview. That's Wednesday next week here on myths and mysteries trees. But today we're talking about the seance communicating with the dead has been around for centuries United States just after the civil war when so many men lost on. The battlefields was so little attention to their identification left to be buried until the battle that had killed them had passed often buried in mass graves leaving family and loved ones with no idea what happened to their father. Son Brother husband the grieving American public search for answers in media and through seances across Europe following world. War One sounds flourished often led by celebrities like Sir Arthur conon on and doyle the author Sherlock Holmes but critic arose from the World Magic from roughly nineteen twenty to nineteen twenty. Six Harry Harry. Houdini made a part of his. Life's work to expose. Mediums in the seance but the magician wasn't always so intent on exposing those would communicate with the dead. The great magician had two women in his life his mother and his wife. They were the law of his life when his mother Cecilia. Steiner Weiss died of a stroke. Nineteen Thirteen Harry. Houdini sought out a medium that would allow him to speak with his beloved mother but for decades his axe x his own acts had included. Sounds as were the highest form of deception. When he attended a seance could identify the very tricks tricks adhered used in his own acts? He went on the warpath exposing the fraudulent gatherings. Houdini he's former. Education was slight his self education. Commence the magician had a great love of books and of research built a formidable personal library when in the nineteen twenties he strode into the public public arena to confront fraudulent mediums. He proceeded from home lined with books and manuscripts about their methods of deception. Visitors to the online line collection can view July thirty first nineteen twenty five letter in which we need describes his extensive library of letters and documents related to the spiritualism his attacks stem from both shameless self-promotion sincere commitment to the public photographs and the Digital Houdini collection and show his exposures a rich penelope of psychic fraud sleight riding spirit photographs fingerprinting a spirit and trump and mediums. Who would transmit voices through the musical instrument articles and images present? Houdini greatest challenge many any crandon. The Media Mona's Marjorie. A woman who fooled one established academic mind after another. She found her greatest champion in Sir Arthur CONAN doyle. Genie was never able to expose her as an outright fraud but he did block her progress. Her name was Minna Crandon but the world knew her as Marjorie a pseudonym adopted to protect her from publicity. She lived with her husband successful. Surge in Leroy Crandon on Boston's affluent Beacon Hill. It was there in their house online street in one thousand nine hundred twenty three that she purportedly discovered she had psychic power specifically the ability to levitated objects generator. Called noises. Materialized spirit forms warms. The phenomenon were controlled. She said by the spirit of her deceased brother. Walter who would speak through Mina in a a gruff decidedly unspiritual manner. His No nonsense conference liberally laced with profanities before long binders talents came him to the attention of researchers and she was closely studied on an off for an suing ten years and through examination of the claims and counterclaims counterclaims so the various researchers would require a book length essay. I'm not that ambitious instead what I'd like to do. Compare and contrast the accounts of the initial investigation as presented in two influential books science and Para Science by Brian a angles nineteen eighty-four mediums and mystics. And the occult by Melborn Christopher. Nine hundred seventy five with only occasional forays into other sources verses when necessary and the process. We may not learn anything conclusive about March but we will learn something about the hazards and frustrations nations of studying. The paranormal was Marjorie. A greater magician than Houdini. Or was she the real thing able to call up dead and hold conversations for sessions. Maybe we'll find the answer to that next Wednesday when I interview a psychic and the owner of Psychic Boutique. We'll say beyonce was produced here at night. All sound studio and brought to you by the Rogue Valley Metaphysical Library and that by the way is where we will hold that interview next Wednesday. Don't Miss It. Myths and mysteries next Wednesday held at the Rogue Valley Metaphysical Library. I'm kit chrome thanks for..

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