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Far fewer people working jersey border's secured and doing an even better job. So we had the wall. We could have a tremendous saving. I feel. I really believe the steel barrier. Wall would pay for itself every three or four months, and maybe even better than that overall talks between Trump and top Democrats broke down once again yesterday. The partial government shutdown is nearing the end of its third week with no additional negotiation scheduled with congressional leaders Windsor Johnston. NPR news Washington before leaving from mcallen, Texas. Trump told reporters at the Democrats are refusing to support border security will house speaker Nancy Pelosi says it's not border security. She and others are against it spending billions for a wall. And speaking to reporters on Capitol Hill, she against suggested that Trump's manufactured a crisis for political gain. You really wants a solution. I think he loves the distraction that this is from his other problems. And that's most unfortunate. It's a luxury our country can't afford under any circumstance, a certainly a luxury. We can't afford. When he has shut down government takes pride in it and says, months or years turning to other business on the hill. Members of congress will consider new legislation designed to lower the cost of prescription drugs in the US democratic congressman Elijah Cummings who leads a house oversight and government reform committee. An independent Senator Bernie Sanders are proposing drugmaker slash the prices of their prescription medications in the US to match lower price tax in other countries. Chinese leader Xi Jinping has accepted an offer by North Korean leader, Kim Jong UN to visit Pyongyang. Here's NPR's rob Schmitz president. She accepted the invite this week during Kim state visit to Beijing. According to North Korean state media Beijing, however has yet to confirm the trip the north has made repeated invitations for Shida to visit including this past September as relations between the two countries improved. China state media made no mention of Kim's invitation, but said Beijing supports Pyongyang's efforts towards the nuclearization and advocated concessions from both North Korea and the US. So that an agreement could be reached at a plan second. Summit between Kim. And President Trump observers say the fact that Beijing is not mentioned a future. Visit by sheet in North Korea is because it does not want to appear to be taking more hawkish stance towards Washington during a time when it's negotiating an end to the trade war with the US. Rob Schmitz, NPR news Shanghai. This is NPR from K Q E D news, I'm Brian watt. A top ranking contra Costa county fire official is scheduled to be arraigned this morning for allegedly stealing narcotics from his workplace. Tara Siler reports on Sunday Martinez. Police arrested Richard Stevenson, the chief of emergency medical services for the county's fire protection district. He's charged with two felony counts of embezzlement and two misdemeanor. Charges of possessing. The synthetic opioids sentinel and my days lamb it's used to drowziness reduce anxiety. Fire officials say this is an isolated case, but they've removed and inspected the medications and all vehicles, which they say showed no signs of. Tampering? Nonetheless, officials say they're dumping all the old controlled substances and replacing them with new stock. Stevenson has been placed on paid administrative leave. I'm Tara Siler news giants fans, remember this..

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