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You're listening to animal radio. Call the dream team now with a free animal. Radio app for iphone and android. It's animal radio. If you're a cat owner you may have experienced at least once or twice. The cat going outside the box either. Urinating or pooping outside the box can be very traumatic experience for both you and the cat and it could be a dome scratcher trying to figure out. Why did they do that. They've been using the litter and all of a sudden they're not using literally more and of course it's something that many landlords have to deal with. When a cat pees on the carpet it goes into the would below and oftentimes landlords actually rip out the wood. And that's why Us cat owners have a hard time finding a place to rent. Unfortunately so on the scene is dusty rainbow pt. She's written a book called cap scene. Investigator solve your cats litterbox mystery. Oh she'll be joining us in just a couple of minutes. You probably hear about that all the time. Dr debbie can it is. It's it's takes luther because they're seeming variables. You know whether it's psychological medical previous experience in the box. That was bad so yeah so. I'm excited to hear dr debbie honest. I mean there's some weird places. I've had cats that go to the potty in the in the bathtub on occasion so what's the weirdest place that your your clients have told you there real well. I mean the weird things are like on the stove and people can allow that to keep happening. You know like On the on the stove on the burner Coutts have had urinate there on in their In their suitcases judy's that'd be good. Yeah one of my cats inappropriately eliminated on the kitchen counter on top of a package of hamburger bun and she swatted and smashed all the hamburger buns and then squatted on the buns impede. That's i thought you were gonna say like there was a cup up there in that she kind of maneuver just stood right over. I'd a cat who urinated in a boyfriend slipper. What the message was there. That was intentional. Ads the aim on that was perfect. Well sometimes it's not always intentional. Sometimes it is behavior and then sometimes it can be an illness and dusty rain belt. She'll be on to help you decipher what's going on it. Just a few minutes right here on animal radio. What do you got coming up laurie. Well there's a story about. They found out in. The woods found a a deer nibbling on a human dead human about. Oh my god. What would happen if i died in. It's just me and my pet when my pet eat me i i think about that all the time i think about the ca. You know i'm a. I'm a lonely cat guy. I have a lot of cats. And i think that maybe if i expired with the cats eat. My face is what i were identified. I've done a lot of digging on this subject now because everybody's so curious about it so it was it cats or dogs. That are more likely to do it. What area of you are they going to eat. I if at all um yeah we'll give you the down here you're gonna stick around for that and if you're not going to frankly there's nothing more that we can say to stick around. No okay. that's on the way with. Lorie brooks our news. Director extraordinaire We're gonna hit the right now. Is that correct. Okay hi mary. how're you doing. Were you very good. Where are you today york brooklyn with your animals in about three weeks. We're all gonna pack in the car and head to florida. Oh fun so far. The short car ride She's been getting chicken growing up. And i don't know what to do about this because we have a long ride ahead of us. I assume you're talking about a dog right okay. Eight months old Jack russell terrier a little girl and you said she gets sick. If she's in the car yet she'll get in the car and she'll be she'll sit down and she looks nervous initial pace around and then cheap amish car sickness. There's kind of two totally different syndromes in dogs and there's sometimes an overlap of them so there's really dogs that have true motion sickness which has just kind of inner ear disturbance. Where you feel like you're gonna lose your lunch and then there's the other component which is really more an anxiety problem and dogs to have. That are the ones that seem to get. Really anxious they trimble. They shake vocalized the pace back and forth. So we have to really look at this in kind of figure out Which situation are we dealing with here. Now from what you're describing you have a pet the hesam anxiety just in the car and some suggestions anytime we have a car travel coming up. I liked to condition towards that. Try to train the pets that the car is a good thing and that it's going to reward you in some way you said you've got your trip coming up in a couple of weeks we've got a little time to work on this and basically what i would ask you to do some homework where we're going to work on getting your job comfortable with the car and that may be something where you start very simply and walk over to the car sitter down by it and give treat and we repeat that as long as she's not displaying anything anxious nervous we don't reward that because then we're actually giving a fuel to that fear so if she looks anxious or nervous. We're just look the other way and we're going to turn her maybe with her leash and make her give her the command to sit and make sure that's a positive experience. We're going to work eventually to feeding treats and rewards really good ones and quitting them in the car. So you know you're sitting around the back backyard. What are you doing. Hey let's go to the car with the dog and when should repeat this over and over and over again and make sure that's a good experience and then we're going to work up gradually to turn in that car key on and keep rewarding her if she shows anxiety or fear. We're going to take it a step back and really for these next couple of weeks. You can work on this and really make that car of good spots dan when we're talking traveling some simple things. A lot of people. Don't do that we need to do for car. Travels heads do best. If they're restraint we want to have face in forward preferably in a seat belt or in a dog carrier and then try not to feed her right before you do any of these heart trip sessions. You're listening to animal radio. Call the dream team now with the free animal radio app for iphone and android all of us here at fido. friendly magazine. Can't wait to get on the road again with our favorite fido. We know that it's just not a vacation without our furry companions by our side start daydreaming now and visit fido friendly dot com to scout out places near and far so you will be ready for your next adventure once. It's safe to travel. That's fido friendly dot com until then stay safe and leave no dog behind. This is an animal radio news. Update brought to you by fear. Free fear free takes the pet of petrified and puts the treat into treatment to learn more and find a certified fear free veterinary professional near you visit. Feared free I'm laurie brooks purina.

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