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It. And you know there's no so I'm just wondering, you know. How realistic is it for Gabe capper to mix and match a ton of different arms in a 60 game season? Like like, I mean, how much of that was just Hey, I'm getting some work for my guys and how much of that was Yeah, we're going to be using a lot of different arms in a short season. Well, Yes. Yes. And yes. I mean, they're definitely they use a lot of arms. I mean, get used to it. You're not going to see Ah, lot of what we've seen traditionally in the set up of how they're going to go about trying to figure out who's going How they're going. Cover nine innings on a game. And I think a lot of his out of necessity. This is a short stunted prep time. Pitchers haven't really established themselves to be able to go 75 85 110 pitches. Which traditionally when you break camp, you would have the ability to do so. Because of that. You're gonna have your gonna ask your pictures to go about it a different way you go, go the idea. You know you go as long as you can. It's hard skin. 345 innings. That's fine for starters. And and that maybe the that may be what they do the entire year. And this is the key. I think that this is what they had envisioned doing. Had the season started in March. If it's right out of the traditional spring training, I think they would have gone out of this way. The fact that it now really applies to the 60 season of the 60 game season. I think it only makes it easier from the make to make this call. This is what you're going to see. And you're going to see a lot of platooning with the everyday players, the versatility and the creativity. I think those are two words We talked about it yesterday get capital in a pregame chat. And he said, those two words are so essential to our philosophy of baseball, especially this year, so be ready for it. I'm going to move it around. I've never seen Two days in a row. We had nine pitchers in each game. And guess what? They didn't have a train wreck in any day that itself was unbelievable. Nobody had that They didn't have to call in a really, but we never saw Andrew Bailey. We never saw a pitching change. What do you know how they're going to do it? It's ah, so I thought that was pretty unique. But, you know, I think that the idea to get him all in was to get him all in against Ah, team that didn't wear their uniform and I started out with significant A different deal. Then when you're pitching in underscored games, so I thought that the importance that they felt that it was was of significance, so, but they're all ready to go and they're all together. That's the other thing. They're all on board. They have absolutely had a great camp, and they're ready to start their season to your point about the no train wreck. I forget who it was. On Monday night in Oakland. A guy walks on Caleb Ara Gar whatever. Like he walked a guy and I was like, what's going on here? He he walked a guy. I mean, James Pritchard were so airtight in this thing If you walked a guy you stood out, you know, I mean, it was really impressive. If I just throw that nine names from last night Rodgersmen EZ, Danny Jimenez, Wandy Peralta, Angie Suarez, Sam Kun, Red Triggs, Sam Selman and then Wolf Att. The end of the nine just if you could pick one of those guys was it Rogers because he took on three great hitters and And is he the closer and closer opening all that? Well, I still have a chance to close from games. He's definitely late inning guy. Um, you know, I thought that Selman I mean, he struck out three guys. You know? What do we know about Sam Selman? Well, You got a pretty good look at him last night. Will he be on the 30? I don't know. But I'd say the guy's just saw last night's ballgame, Probably three that are going to be on the 30 man. It's pretty unique. You know, they're going to head down to l A with 30 and then you have three more guys. The taxi squad two. You could have three guys as long as one of them has to be a catcher. So you know they're traveling with 33 guys. Stay tuned. This is gonna be based by like we never saw it right? And, uh and you will not see a complete game this year from the Giants. Things happen. That's it right there. Okay, There's one bet in life. There's not a complete game. You would Mike in a regular season. You wouldn't see that now in this. Forget it, man, so and then, to see you as an Dickerson go deep. You know, Like you said, the ball seems to be playing live. The Pender Homer showed that even though he got robbed of a home run by a strange call from the Empire's But you know, you guys talk to you as in the dugout and he was a little hard on himself saying, Yeah, I didn't like my spring man, and you ask him how he's feeling. He's like, Well, not good until that swing in the first inning, so but there is a little mean. Of course, there's heat on everybody, but he has a job. But he also you know, needs to repeat what he did last year, which he's never done in his life. So just kind of how important that was for him what you think of his chances And will he be in everyday player? Will the Giants even have an everyday player? I think he's the guy that has the best chance of being the only Everyday player. You know, I love that guy. I mean, look, he's 27 years old last year, getting big legs and he got he got Chun. They turned their organizational back in order and in Baltimore. I mean, he got surpassed by guys that he knew he was better than he had just wear it. He came over took a chance in the Giants Organization loan. Behold against the big leagues, and then his story why we use in the big leagues. You know, he did pretty good. Then that day in Milwaukee, where he was going to get sent down. They called him in. Sit him down. And all of a sudden, Austin Slater has the flu and the AG O get. Ah, Rimsky back and vote. You put him back in the land that he had three. Maybe four hits that day, and that was it. Never left it right. But with all the success that he had last year, the 21 homerun season and believed he was the highlight of your spars. We're all concerned. He comes back this year for the first time, and he's got a job. She's never had before. But he doesn't trust it. He doesn't trust it. He's not going to sit back that dumb and happy and rest on his laurels. He's going to prove himself again, which is the essence of the.

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