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Two thousand four he's also a thing wishing fellow with the heritage foundation please welcome back to the program the tone of the Stephen Moore Stephen I cannot imagine what you must be going through right now with all the things are happening to all who have lost their jobs all this money going out the door with stimulus you must be you with the exploding I am exploding merry I I think what we've done to our country in the last six weeks is indescribably bad I think history books are going to look back and and they're gonna shake their set and say how could how could American politicians be as stupid as they work to do what we've done we've lost trillions of dollars of help but we've lost millions and millions of Americans into poverty thirty million people in unemployment lines millions of small businessmen and women who are the heroes of our economy lower you know that these the people put their whole lives and their whole life savings in the building a business that every single day Larry I'm getting heartbreaking because the men and women who say you know if I don't get customers in the door if I if I don't get revenues from my business I'm not a business next week and after celebrating I got that what we are doing a lot of stupid things but the main thing is now this is what that report that you just mentioned is about we have to get these business is back open we got to get workers back on the job we got to open up our society in our economy and we got to do it quickly and safely but there are a lot of states that are dragging their feet you know Stephen I'm watching a lot of cable television and looking at these are cable TV host with their seven figure salaries still broadcasting from the basement their studio basement in the home that we have to commute to work anymore and they're sitting there **** and moaning about some state to reopen their economy because they say if they're responsible easy for you to say exactly you're so right about that Larry impact another column I just woke up today I made exactly the same point you just made you know I hear these university professors and the people in the media and government officials say well I know it's an inconvenience to keep the economy shut down for six weeks but that you know well we'll get through this and say as I have the exactly the same you know a reaction that I in but then when I say well without the gift economy re opened you know these these level professors LOL G. you're trying to put greater profits over over people's lives and I said first of all number one it's not about freedom profits but people are getting steamrolled the other people getting flattened I'm not rich people there are still low income people who need a check every month of the working class that that live paycheck to paycheck the don't have massive amounts of savings you know what else they don't have to worry about your like your professors deal Stephen Moore is my guest he's economist advisor to president trump Stephen last week I did a story about the suicide hotline LA county calls are up eight thousand percent that's your job I mean it's suicide is child abuse cases spousal abuse depression alcoholism drug overdoses all of these things are highly associated with with shut down of the economy and isolation of people I get so tired you know what I well I live in suburban Washington DC where they won't even let you have to you know go out with your kids and shoot baskets you know the best thing you can do to help your kids and get him outside in a gray no not in not exercising they will let you play tennis they want to know if you play golf by yourself I mean where is the logic and a lot of things we're doing but what we show in this report merry is it solar fascinating to me is that the red states like Florida and like Texas and Tennessee and South Carolina Utah and Idaho are opening up their economies and the blue states like California New York New Jersey Illinois keeping their economies locked down in their house and you know they're impoverishing their own citizens are those blue states that I refused Larry I refused to surrender some kind of moral high ground to the left that says she just physicality shut down longer longer longer because if you don't want to kill people it's it's outrageous claims we have a lot of governments like bond the staff is in in Florida we're doing a great job of keeping the job of nursing home states because we know most of the bass or nursing homes but opening up the economy to their businesses and their citizens my workers and that is the right thing to do we can do this in a safe and effective way and and I'm just sick and tired of these are these sanctimonious levels checked all left for people did you see that did you see how long the the lives out Larry the place like Pittsburgh for the food truck yeah I saw it also San Antonio Texas and and and these are people with nice car he did not even not impoverished people these are people that suddenly lost their jobs and the problem is the longer that you people ask me why is it so urgent for states to re open because I think California you're still pretty much shut down yeah we are yeah what the problem is these businesses once a business fails I think this is a lot with the media and people have college professors are understaffed they never started a business once a business sales and have to sell its asset in those goes into bankruptcy it's not like Lazarus that cannot be resurrected the dead and those jobs will never come back Larry and edit as I said it is heartbreaking to see people's entire lives and livelihoods destroyed my stupid decisions that are being made by politicians Steven we only have about forty five seconds left you have a critique commentary about how sweetness handle this as you know they never had a mandatory shut down but they do have more coronavirus cases and deaths than some of the other Scandinavian countries well what I understand is that they they actually handle it pretty well you know what you need to deal I mean we just need to be smart about this we know it's people in nursing homes we noticed people with that you know what three existing conditions like I'm busy now or are as mark with those people should be protected but my goodness let's get America they know who was it Calvin Coolidge said the business of America is business we gotta get our hands we're all going to die I thought it was J. C. I'm joking all right take care okay Larry thank you what I have a confidence this Hey its flow with the super weird weird night gown yes me it sounds less like clothes you wear to bed and more like things you say to.

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