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He moved to new york city to attend the prestigious school whilst they by the great jazz. Trumpeter wynton marsalis who also invited john to go out on the road with them. Also whilst the juilliard. John stay human aband- made up of several of his fellow students including basis phil cuban and trauma joe sailor. They soon became known for their impromptu public performances referred to as low of riots and even recorded an entire album. Two thousand. Eleven's my ny boy system most of customer small fortuna metro cards. Let's hope they had annual passes two thousand fifteen john stay human. We're announces the housebound. For cbs's the late show with stephen colbert. And some of the music. John composed for the show in its first year was released on twenty sixteen. The late show ep his first official solo album. Hollywood africans produced by t-bone burnett dropped in twenty eighteen and john stunning take on the blue standard saint. James infirmary blues and a grammy nomination. He also received grammy nods for twenty thousand nine chronology of dream live at the village vanguard and twenty twenty s meditations collaboration with guitarist cory wong of pack along with trent reznor atticus rush. John supplied the score for the claim. Twenty twenty pixar animated movie. So the trio's work recently. End the golden globe and a bafta for best original score along with an oscar. Win this year's academy awards amongst many other important roles. John is also creative director of the national jazz museum in harlem and is a recipient of both the american jazz museum lifetime achievement award and the harry chapin humanitarian award. And he's only thirty four for crying out loud and makes me sick to hear some. Johns truly dazzling new album. We are selection of tunes spanning his recording.

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