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It is not beal legal to watch this jackbooted thugs will not be knocking at your door if you watched the band kit or the of but camp they do let me know oh come over take pictures but kim are at the first one first summit is the 2018 cana prophet summit threeday online live summit starts on the 29th 29th 30th 31st they have about a week to stock up on garrido's guacamole salsa whatever you need to sit on your couch and do the bud kim il focused on marketing sale brand name building communities and investment mrs not you know how to roll how did and you know how to sort out your shake at a load you're you know whatever this is about business twenty 30th and 31st sixteen industry experts cosponsored by tokyo activity i know they don't they don't do themselves water favor a making the sound all that serious but camp coast coproduced by tokyo activity which is the cannibus community for women now you can find all this it but camp dot net i know you're trying to type in in right now would you do i killed bud come on b u d oh yeah dude but camp dot net the bro there's a huge need for education and training in the federal league illegal industry new report from new frontier data projects that by 2020 that's two years from now the legal cannabis market will create more than a quarter of a million jobs and market watch projects the marijuana industry to hit fifty billion dollars annually by 20 26 once again this is 2018 it proves the cannabis is a huge economic joe and job driver and bud campus here to train the new legal industry once again the focus is will be marketing sales branding building communities and investment this is more than in the expected job for manufacturing utilities than even government jobs according to the bureau of labor statistics now the producer director of.

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