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Was so strange and then the other choices. So I'm not on this is not on the pill just so everyone knows and. I know you like to ask every guest. Should. Attorney. With that I was asked Jane. Fonda. When she was. But. But I have birth control because I was on it at one point and they had taken the birth control, which again I don't even know where they found it because it has been like tucked away in some toiletry bag that had never opened. They had taken the birth control and placed it on the bedside table. Sweetie Forgot something. You only have two bedrooms. There were just so many strange traces and policy such a neat freak and was so disturbed. So anyway, I don't know if you had anyone help with this but looking back in retrospect. Done the move ourselves. Movers but you know all of this is just they helped me some things and but now I can't find myself aware so I lost. This is wonderful. Thank you for being here. Partner James. Thank you so much what a pledge the Jane Club is a curated community platform that takes care of the women who take care of everything else become a connected Jane for community gatherings, and social connection that is educational, inspirational and transformative. Keep it. Listeners can use code insider.

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