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Problem is most people or anal here is the second time that Joe came up today hello I stole it I know right the guy you want you still think that's our right but it was funny you're coming from you but you know what do you do this is the whole thing the NHL canceling their season the NBA is canceling I think March madness is is probably going to cancel now sadness yeah but people people think that they're doing it for the better be half of people now this is liability ma'am yeah absolutely you know everybody's trying to cover themselves exactly that's what this is my number one fan that's a bad thing I'm just saying this is real yeah let's be real now as far as like your game tonight I was looking at the you know the prices I'm thinking okay I could get a T. shirt but if it's dirty I could be calling in clean teacher hi everyone but I mean if someone touched it that might have the virus you know I don't know but I don't a good thing how many tickets are cool okay but then I'm going to be in a crowd okay unless you're the headliner then there we daisy's breaking he's ringing me up is the one more joke and you got an act right now come on it is I got a bunch of people waiting Steve real seriously people you're worried about listeners teacher believes just put a mask around the radio you pride what's your dad agrees seventy zero seven he's my friend all right here we go from the seventies we've been together since way back when we've been together since way back when yeah I I think I started calling you back we back when probably I don't know I have no idea who this band is when I mean easy meals Berlin New Jersey won a one point five highly hi how are you good how you doing doing good how are you gonna be doing even better I mean what's your category the seventy the seventies before your time of course yes of course I do believe in you and I know you believe in me yes I do your wonderful and I I believe as are you well what is the lyric of the song Chicago Chicago do you guys Cyrano de Bergerac in the bushes over the Chicago what's the name of the song was what was the first line I do believe in you and I know you believe in me the feeling stronger every day.

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