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Love that mulligan reference because that's exactly right when there's no pressure on you, you know, they're going to call a time out can just practice. But then when the pressure is on and Cody parkey all accounts, a good guy. And he he he did the yeoman's job after the game. He sat there and asked answered all the questions said he's gonna go home to his wife and his dog because they wouldn't judge him. He got booed on his way out of Soldier Field side a lot of angry viral videos last night of bears fans, not really happy with and I get that. I've I've had that same frustration with Mr. Mason Crosby in Green Bay who missed a lot of kicks a few years ago in quite a few kicks this year as well. It's sports. It's frustrating as heck. And for all those those people that really tune in to see their team take the next step had to be disappointing for bears fans. But again they made the playoffs. The Packers didn't so you have to take that with a grain of salt as well. So just to wrap my conversation on politics, and how it's infected everything that we do a couple of texts. The patch? Comport Washington's on politics. That's ruining everything. It's the media. That is using politics of divide us. The media's what is ruining everything like it or not from the two six to politics had destroyed people's lives. Again, I blame the media for dividing us, and basically demonizing people for their political beliefs Republican and not able to speak my opinion in educated manner without becoming a racists, bigots, sexists, Linda said climate that's fueled by sensationalism and fear among migraine. Couple of couple of texts on that issue. Yeah. It's it's a different era. Every time we think it may take a step back and be less hostile less. Crazy. Let's fueled by hates it just gets worse. It has turned people off from social media. I have a lot of friends who said, you know, I'm not gonna I'm gonna just disengage not going to be part of Facebook and Twitter because I just don't wanna read it don't wanna see it. And it's really unfortunate the byproduct of all of this all this hate is. You're going to get less. People are actually interested in running for office. The candidate pool. Shrinks unless you're a candidate for president in that case is going the opposite direction. And I will let the experts in the pundits figure out why that is. It's hard to get good people to run for office leadership is hard. And what we're seeing? And we could see is people who are qualified based on experience education. Whatever. Not only running but winning seats. Now, you can make the argument. I some people do that this fresh new fresh blood in in congress is a good thing. I like experience I like real life experience that that at least suggests that we know what we're talking about. We understand the issues completely configure everything else. I'm not sure that this byproduct of all this political conversation necessarily gets us to that point. All right. The news is next. And after the news, James Whitson, the editor, right, Wisconsin. We'll hear what the conservatives are thinking in the state as governor elect Tony Evers takes the elect. Term off of his title and happens a little bit later this morning, James Madison, next radio WTMJ. Good morning..

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