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Reporter andrew foul zone joining us now for this live report andrew well done a it is absolutely bitter out here there is no two ways about that really is a festive atmosphere here in times square of course time square always so all right now there are so lights on and really does look like 80s the middle of the day comes when me set the scene for you here in times square people were pen in going for more the fall area all the way back to the risers over by the t k t s booth they are all blocked off for media as you walk around the area you'll see tons and tons of security we've seen plenty of nypd officers also fbi on scene just in case something were to happen but that certainly shouldn't be the case here this evening earlier last week police commissioner james o'neill saying that there were no specific or credible threats against the festivities this evening now of course the big wall drop happens will start around eleven fifty nine and thirty seconds and we will bring me here to bring it to you as as it begins to come down andrew fell zero intention williams reporting live from time square and andrew in many parts of the globe the new year's celebration is over already that's how it sounded in dubai where 2018 was ushered in with a unique light show on the bergische khalifa the world's tallest building the very first nation degree 2018 with the pacific island of samoa while we're revellers shot off fireworks took part in a tradition of dance and juggling 2018 arrived earlier this evening in germany and britain wins news time nine six small plane full of american passengers as crashed in costa rica killing everyone on board the new york post reports that the victims included a family of five from scar steal correspondent marcy can solace has more who's the rican officials say the plane owned by nature air took off from putin easily to heading for the capital san jose when it crashed around twelve fifteen local time costa rica's former president laura chinchilla tweeting that her cousin juan manuel retana was the pilot there were at least ten passengers on board all americans and to costa rican pilots the post identifies the family from scars dale as attorney bruce steinberg his wife irene who is active with the.

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