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Sean carroll many times here on mindscape we've had issues dealt with philosophy right either explicitly about philosophy or talking about biology or physics or politics in a way that involved philosophy that almost always the kinds of lafi that we talked about were based on the western tradition of philosophy. Tradition goes back to the ancient greek socrates. Plato aristotle people like that we all know that's not the only tradition out. There is the tradition that i know the most about for better for worse. So it's harder for me to lead an intelligent conversation about other areas but for a long time. I thought that we should have a good conversation about eastern philosophy chinese philosophy in particular. There was a very very active set of schools of philosophy in ancient china about the same time as aristotle and his friends were inventing greek philosophy. The warring states period in particular was a period where you were inventing new ideas in confucianism taoism and other kinds of traditions. So obviously these are huge topics much too much to talk about in one podcast in any comprehensive way. But we're going to try to do it anyway. Today's guest is edward slinger lind who was a distinguished university scholar and professor of philosophy at the university of british columbia. So he's an expert in ancient chinese philosophy. He's translated confucius the whole bit. But one of the reasons why he's interesting to talk to is because he doesn't simply talk about that ancient philosophy for its own sake. He relates it to modern ideas. He tries to make the point that it is still a vibrant kind of set of ideas that relates an interesting ways to our current predicament. As human beings our current knowledge as scientists learning more about how we think how we act in the world in fact his most recent book is called drunk as in. You've had a lot to drink. You are now drunk. The subtitle is how we sipped danced and stumbled our way to civilization. So as i asked him. I maybe i shouldn't give it away. No i probably will as asked me the podcast. What does that have to do with ancient chinese philosophy..

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