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Targeted for elimination but he meets a formidable match in rutger hauer uber mench of a lemon haired god so when i saw the film at twenty one guys you weren't even born in i know i came out wildly conflicted but was very eager to see it a second time very soon to really see it see all of it or at least more of it two questions i have for you one did blade runner flap back in 82 because george lucas had reoriented the mass audiences taste for retro futuristic science fiction so radically five years earlier with star wars and to is 'bladerunner a movie for you today that was simply ahead of its time and now seems very much what ridley scott intended it to be an la story with legs longer than joanna cassidy so i wanted to end on that sleazy note and i appreciate that i think you're right why 'bladerunner was probably initially rejected you put this sidebyside with something like star wars and it's absolutely a different experience preventative i would i was relieved though that it wasn't overbearing in that way my memory of it having seen probably the original theatrical release later in the 80s i would have come across it is what i initially watched in my memory was that it was more ponderous more existential on the surface in the way oh i dunno prometheus is now or even alien covenant delivering similar ground yes it is you're actually promulgated in the author a theory but i think that i i think that.

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