The Difference Between a Nation State & a Land Mass


They are turning the United States into a lawless chaotic mess a country without borders is not a country at all You know what it is it's a landmass The difference between a nation state and a landmass is a set of laws agreed to by the population It's a great podcast about that in econ talk Not seen Talib This past weekend talking about this just this But distinction between the very new concept of a nation state and just groups of people and tribes The difference is a set in series of laws and definable borders We don't have the final borders folks We don't have a border If you're on one side of the border in Mexico or the other side of the United States and you hear illegally it doesn't matter Nothing happens to you That means the border is no border at all It's a suggestion of a border They are doing this on purpose They want illegal immigration They want the fentanyl trafficking They want the sex trafficking They want the child trafficking If they didn't they would do something about it Don't tell me otherwise Don't tell me where conspiracy quacks or path think there's or any of that crap If they wanted to do something about it they would do something about

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